Your Guide to Swaps and Subs for Making Recipes Healthier

Your Guide to Swaps and Subs for Making Recipes Healthier

Sometimes we get a little tired of the old health food staples. Kale, broccoli, cauliflower — it’s like we’re living in a cruciferous world of juice cleanses, smoothie bowls and grilled chicken breast. Yet, venture out into the world of people who aren’t so health conscious — say a favorite restaurant, a home cooked dinner hosted by well-meaning relatives, or …

10 Healthy Dessert Ideas That Are Oh-So-Tasty

10 Healthy Dessert IdeasHealthy dessert is one of those terms that at first seems like an oxymoron. Cue the groans from the family, your less-health-conscious friends at the potluck, or anyone who cares a great deal about good food. But creating a treat that flatters the waistline doesn’t have to sacrifice anything when it comes to taste.

We’ve put together a quick guide …

NFL Teams as Foods

The teams are set and Super Bowl LI is right around the corner. For most of us, that of course means plenty of snacks on Super Sunday, including nachos, buffalo wings and the like.

What if each NFL team was represented as a food item at your Super Bowl party? Here’s what that might look like.


NFL Teams as Food: AFC East

AFC East