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1.25 Qt. Versa 100% Ceramic Sauce Pot with Cover

1.25 Qt. Versa 100% Ceramic Sauce Pot with Cover

Your 1.25 qt ceramic sauce pot, you’ll breeze through the kitchen easily completeing everyday cooking chores, turning the bore of cooking into a joy!

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  • The 1.25 Qt - Bottom Diameter 6.0" Top Diameter 7” Depth 3” Weight 2.25 Lbs


  • Includes 1.25 Qt Ceramic Cover


  • 1.25 qt Capacity: Ideal size for dozens of everyday tasks.
  • Secure and Sturdy Lid: Keep your cooking area neat and tidy while retaining optimal heat.
  • 2.25 lbs: Light enough to be easily moved yet sturdy enough to get the job done.
  • Easy-Grab Handles: Thick side handles for easy transport and handling.
  • High-gloss Finish: Featuring a non-toxic ceramic glaze with high-gloss, scratch-proof black finish.
  • Dishwasher and Microwaveable Safe: For the most convenient cooking experience.


With our 1.25 qt ceramic sauce pot, you’ll breeze through the kitchen as it easily completes dozens of everyday cooking chores, turning the bore of cooking into a joy! With its sturdy and secure lid, you’ll enjoy splatter-free cooking surfaces and better heat retention.

Flavor-infused risotto steaming for a razzle-dazzle side dish, your family’s secret recipe of robust chili stewing on the stovetop for family game night, lobster bisque simmering for a perfect ending to a cold winter day ... this sauce pot makes cooking easy and foods flavorful.

Capturing the Flavor of your Foods

With this sauce pot, your foods taste exactly as they should. Flavors are highlighted and emphasized. The key behind the better tasting food is your new cookware’s ceramic cooking surface, specially designed to evenly distribute radiant heat while offering the cleanest cooking surface possible. Cookware made from other materials leach metals into your foods or release toxic odors. You don’t have to worry about that when you use Xtrema.

Cooking, Serving and Cleanup Becomes a Breeze<

Not only does this sauce pot bring out the flavors of your dishes without leaching any metals into your food, it also makes serving and cleanup easy.

The attractive black gloss finish with its clean lines and classic appeal is ready to go right from stovetop to your dressed table. There’s no need to mess around with serving ware when you have this attractive piece of cookware that does the double duty of both.

Not only will there be less to clean up, cleanup will be easier. Thanks to the scratch-proof, slick ceramic glaze, you can clean it as you would any other steel pot … a few swipes of a scouring pad and it’s as good as new. Or, for even less fuss, stick it in the dishwasher!

As with all Xtrema ceramic cookware

  • Non-scratch: You have the freedom to use any utensils: nylon, silicone and wooden.
  • Versatile: Built to withstand extreme heat and cold, each piece can go directly from oven to freezer. Whether you want to cook on the stovetop, broiler, grill or microwave, you can do it all with Xtrema.
  • Easy to Clean: Spend more time enjoying your food and less time cleaning up after it with Xtrema’s sinfully easy clean up … you can even stick it in the dishwasher!
  • Practical: With Xtrema, your cooking time is reduced and your food will stay hotter longer.
  • Healthy: Your food will not only taste better, it will be healthier as no trace metals or chemicals leach from the non-toxic ceramic glaze surface.
  • 100% Green: Not only is cooking with Xtrema healthy for your family, it’s also friendly to the environment. From the earthy-friendly production practices and inorganic natural minerals used in construction to the safe ceramic glaze alternative to harmful PFOA coatings of most other popular non-stick cookware, Xtrema is eco-friendly.
  • Handcrafted:Each piece is handcrafted to uphold the strict quality standards of the world’s finest ceramic cookware.