Xtrema Ceramic Frying Pan – Guaranteed Satisfaction!

Frying pans are ideal for frying, searing, sautéing, and browning foods, but only Xtrema ceramic frying pans are non toxic and leach no heavy metals.

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Xtrema ceramic frying pans are coated on the inside and outside with a high temperature, ultra-durable non-scratch ceramic glaze. Completely environmentally safe, this revolutionary and technologically advanced Ceramic cookware consists of 100% natural ceramic materials.

The Xtrema ceramic frying pan’s cooking surface cannot be scratched. No other product can match that kind of guarantee!

Great Results Every Time

Xtrema ceramic frying pans are easy to use and easy to clean. They utilize a far-infrared heating process that’s considered the most effective and beneficial type of heat for cooking. This penetrating moist and radiant heat cooks food from the inside and outside at the same time which enhances the flavor of the foods.

Another advantage of our ceramic frying pan is that the ceramic cooking surface requires less fat to cook with, which brings out the natural flavors in food and increases nutritional value. Experience the difference that Xtrema can make for your favorite meals.

Healthy Cookware - Healthy Cooking - Healthy Food - Healthy Bodies

Xtrema Ceramic Frying Pansare Eco-Friendly

Even though many products use recyclable metal materials, their excavation and manufacturing processes are extremely harmful to the environment. Xtrema ceramic frying pans are handcrafted with all natural, inorganic materials using clean burning, environmentally friendly, natural gas kilns. The non-scratch surface contains no harmful PFOA coating and produces no harmful PFOA gas, which can occur with some non-stick petroleum based coatings. Our ceramic frying pans can not be scratched and will never peel or flake off into the food.

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