Why is Ceramic Cookware Revolutionary?

Xtrema products feature a technologically advanced ceramic cooking surface. This ceramic cooking surface enables our cookware to sustain high temperatures and handle extreme temperature changes. Xtrema goes from the freezer to the top of range or oven. In fact, we offer a 50-year warranty against breakage resulting from hot or cold thermal shock.

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Xtrema offers the finest in versatility. Use your Xtrema cookware anywhere in your kitchen, including on your stovetop, in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, under your oven broiler and even your barbecue grill. Trust Xtrema ceramic cookware to provide you with many years of outstanding performance.

The ceramic cooking surface on our cookware consists of 100% natural ceramic materials. This ceramic cooking surface never emits toxic odors, and will never flake into food like other metal non-stick pans. Plus, our safe ceramic cooking surface makes clean up fast and easy. Stop spending your valuable time scrubbing dishes and simplify your kitchen with Xtrema products.

Glazed Ceramic Cookware Preserves the Taste of Foods

Don’t let your food be tainted with tastes and odors from previous meals. Preserve the flavors of your cooking with our ceramic cookware from Xtrema. It won’t stain or absorb food. Another added bonus, the ceramic surface on our cookware effectively prevents the formation of bacteria, which is a danger often found in kitchens.

Meals cooked with Xtrema ceramic cookware will taste better and be more nutritious for your family. Our ceramic cooking surface heats foods from the inside, in addition to the outside, to enhance the subtle textures and natural flavors of your favorite dishes. Uniform radiant heat distribution means foods are cooked more evenly. Experience the difference that Xtrema can make for your favorite meals.

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