Looking for Safe Ceramic Top Cookware?

With their flat, smooth surface, glass-ceramic cook tops are relatively simple to clean.

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Want the perfect ceramic top cookware for your glass-ceramic top stove? Our Xtrema ceramic cookware features a high-gloss, smooth finish. With excellent versatility, our cookware can go from your refrigerator to your stove and then to your table, conveniently and beautifully.

Quit using 2 or 3 dishes for the same meal; stop cleaning dishes for storage, cooking, and serving. One dish, many amazing uses…save time with multipurpose Xtrema.

BeautifulCeramic Cookware

Xtrema offers attractive, functional cookware in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy the most discerning chef. Whether you need a sauté pan, skillet, wok or teapot, find the right cookware for your needs.

Our cookware is designed with extra wide handles so you can safely and easily transport food. Our cookware makes an excellent serving dish with its stylish black finish. Clean up is easy and no scrubbing required because Xtrema ceramic top cookware has a non-stick coating.

Ceramic Top Stove? Cookware that Cooks Perfectly

Finding it difficult to cook on your ceramic top stove? Our cookware can help.

Xtrema provides consistent cooking performance. The ceramic material cooks foods from both the inside and outside using a penetrating radiant heat process.

The result? Better taste, increased nutritional value, and decreased cooking time. Enjoy your ceramic top stove with cookware from Xtrema. Taste the difference our cookware can make in your favorite meals.

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