Xtrema Ceramic Wok – Simply the Best

Our high-temperature wok is non-scratch, non-stick and easy to clean. No other wok can match the versatility, durability, and 50-year performance guarantee that comes with each and every Xtrema product. Use our ceramic wok everywhere in your kitchen, including your stovetop, oven, broiler, refrigerator, dishwasher, and even your barbecue grill.

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Enjoy Delicious Food with Xtrema Ceramic Woks

Cooking with a ceramic wok has several unique advantages. The round-bottomed shape heats food quickly and evenly, uses less oil when deep-frying, and provides an extra large cooking surface.

Besides stir-frying, our ceramic wok is excellent for steaming, deep-frying, braising, stewing, smoking, or making soup. Our patented ceramic material resists bacteria and won’t stain or carry over tastes and odors from previous meals.

Xtrema Ceramic Woks are Environmentally Friendly

Many modern and western woks are made of iron or aluminum. These woks can leach heavy metals and often require extensive care to reduce rusting. Their non-stick PTFE surfaces can easily scratch and peel and flake into your food. Don’t use these dangerous pans that can emit toxic gases when heated.

Xtrema ceramic woks are non-scratch and easy to clean. The cooking surface is 100% natural ceramic material that is environmentally safe and 100% healthy. Xtrema will look brand new from year to year. For a ceramic wok that is easy to use, easy to clean and is made from 100% green natural ceramic materials, choose Xtrema.

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