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10 Qt. Versa 100% Ceramic Dutch Oven

10 Qt. Versa 100% Ceramic Dutch Oven

"Our Answer to a Healthy Slow Cooker/Crock Pot-- The 10 Qt Ceramic Dutch Oven with Cover.” Create Lasting Food Memories with the Largest Ceramic Dutch Oven in the World! 

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  • The 10 Qt Dutch Oven with Cover has a weight of 10.5 Lbs
  • 12” Diameter
  • Height: 6”


  • 10 Qt Size: Create delicious one-pot meals for friends and family!
  • Easy-Grip Cover: The easy-grip cover protects against spills and keeps food warm.
  • 10.5 Lbs: Lighter than cast iron, your Dutch Oven with Cover will stand the test of time.
  • Brilliant Finish: The scratch-proof black finish looks beautiful with any décor.
  • Versatile Use and Transfer Capability: Go from oven to table to freezer or dishwasher and back again without damaging Xtrema!


Xtrema’s 10 Qt Dutch Oven with Cover is the largest ceramic Dutch Oven in the world! Our incredibly versatile and durable Dutch Oven features a generous cooking surface, even heat distribution and superior heat retention. That means no more irritating hot spots causing uneven cooking. No more meals going cold in the pot. And because Xtrema is beautiful to look at, you can put it right on the table directly from the oven or stovetop.

When your meal is finished, put Xtrema in the freezer or fridge for later use or clean it in the dishwasher. What could be simpler? At Xtrema, we understand the needs of the modern home cook. And fussy cleaning practices, limitations on use and sacrifices in performance don’t make the grade.

Handcrafted Quality, Greener Cooking

Xtrema makes each and every one of our 10 Qt Dutch Oven sets by hand. Constructed of 100% ceramic, you’ll never have to worry about unsafe, cancer-causing chemicals leaching into your food. Because of ceramic’s heat retention qualities, you won’t have to use unnecessary energy to keep food hot. Our manufacturing practices are better for the environment, too, which means you can feel good about both purchasing and using your new Dutch Oven, the largest ceramic model in the world!

Discover the incredible durability, versatility and beauty of Xtrema’s 10 Qt Dutch Oven with Cover and enjoy creating hearty stews and soups, mouthwatering chili and more!

As with all Xtrema Cookware:

  • Non-scratch: You have the freedom to use any utensils: nylon, silicone and wooden.
  • Versatile: Built to withstand extreme heat and cold, each piece can go directly from oven to freezer. Whether you want to cook on the stovetop, broiler, grill or microwave, you can do it all with Xtrema.
  • Easy to Clean: Spend more time enjoying your food and less time cleaning up after it with Xtrema’s sinfully easy clean up … you can even stick it in the dishwasher!
  • Practical: With Xtrema, your cooking time is reduced and your food will stay hotter longer.
  • Healthy: Your food will not only taste better, it will be healthier as no trace metals or chemicals leach from the non-toxic ceramic glaze surface.
  • 100% Green: Not only is cooking with Xtrema healthy for your family, it’s also friendly to the environment. From the earthy-friendly production practices and inorganic natural minerals used in construction to the safe ceramic glaze alternative to harmful PFOA coatings of most other popular non-stick cookware, Xtrema is eco-friendly.
  • Handcrafted: Each piece is handcrafted to uphold the strict quality standards of the world’s finest ceramic cookware.