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For 23 years, I worked for and represented Corning Glass Works, the finest ceramics company in the world, the makers of Corning Ware cookware, Pyrex bakeware and Corelle dinnerware.  It was during these years that I was blessed with working with so many wonderful people who helped to shape and mold my love for the glass ceramics business.

In October of 2004, three years after my tenure with Corning ended, I received an unsolicited e-mail from Taiwan asking me if I would be interested in a new high-temperature ceramic material that could go on top of the stove and under the broiler, a product that would surpass the cooking performance and benefits of the original Corning Ware.  I say the original Corning Ware because the Corning Ware manufacturing facility in Martinsburg, West Virginia was closed and dismantled in 2002.   Corning Ware is still being marketed today by World Kitchen but the product is now being made of stoneware and not the original patented Pyro-Ceram material that made Corning Ware so recognizable and famous.

That single e-mail became the catalyst for what would end up being three additional years of research, testing and product development.  In February of 2007 Ceramcor, LLC was officially established in Toms River, New Jersey. 

I also want to thank my fellow Ceramcor partners, Shirlin Cheung and Bob Bergstrom, for their expertise and support in developing the Ceramcor Company and the Xtrema product line as well as my fellow distributors and retailers in the United States, Canada, the UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Norway.

Our vision in 2017 is still the same as it was in 2007 - to make our Ceramcor Xtrema Cookware, Teaware, Ovenex Bakeware, Fridgex Silicone products and our USA made Dinnerware, Woodtensils and new Magma Glassware products the highest quality 100% lead and metal free products for you, your family and friends and our planet.  We also will continue to develop new and innovative 100% ceramic products that will continue to be the finest, safest, and most versatile cooking alternatives to that of metal cookware with their unhealthy ceramic and non-stick coatings. We test all of our products for lead, cadmium and heavy metal leaching and our products have passed every test and we have those results published on our website each and every month during the year. We use sanctioned scientific National and International testing Labs for all of our testing and we will continue to do that because that is our commitment to our quality and to our customers. We love our customers and we want them to be 100% satisfied with the quality of our Xtrema 100% ceramic Cookware, Teaware our new Ovenex Bakeware. So far no other company to date has published their laboratory testing results for heavy metal leaching on their corporate website. I believe that we might be the only company that believes in full accountability. Please note that there is no documented proof published anywhere that states that these metal cookware companies and their highly advertised coatings are 100% durable, safe and non-toxic.  Please click on this link to see how metal and steel cookware is made – you may be surprised that many of these cookware companies consider their products green? http://www.ceramcor.com/making-steel

We intend to do everything in our power to make sure that your cooking and dining experience is the absolute best that it can be and that you will know the difference by tasting how wonderful your foods taste when prepared in our Xtrema cookware and in our Ovenex bakeware and Fridgex storage products.  We want to change how America cooks – one home at a time. 

Please feel free to e-mail me at: rich@ceramcor.com with any questions that you might have about our Ceramcor products and I will personally answer them. I love interacting with you, our customers.

I truly hope and pray that the effort that we put forth and their results will both honor you and glorify God.

Blessings, and in our 10th Year Anniversary, it is our sincere wish that you have a safe, healthy and joyful 2017.

Rich Bergstrom


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