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Ceramic Bakeware set from Ceramcor

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What is Included in the Xtrema Ceramic Bakeware Set?

  • 9”pie plate
  • 1.5 quart loaf dish
  • 8” square cake dish with 2 quart capacity
  • 3.75 quart oblong baking dish

Start baking safely with this 12- piece set that’s made completely from non-toxic substances. Every piece in our ceramic bakeware set can be used in your conventional oven and microwave oven. With a glossy black finish and wide handles for ease of carrying, this bakeware set will make a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Buy the bakeware set that lasts; Xtrema’s ceramic bakeware set comes with an outstanding 50 year warranty. Start cooking safely and order a ceramic bakeware set from Xtrema today.

Do Foods Cook Well in our Ceramic Bakeware Sets?

The ceramic material used in Ceramcor products has an inert and non-reactive quality that produces the most effective and beneficial type of heat for all types of cooking - a far-infrared heating process.

Cooking foods from both the inside and the outside, this penetrating heat process bakes food more evenly. No more cold spots in the lasagna or cakes that don’t rise!

Is Xtrema’s Ceramic Bakeware Set Easy to Take Care of?

All Xtrema products are easy to care for. With a smooth, glazed surface that’s a breeze to clean, every piece in our ceramic bakeware set is non-scratch and non-toxic.

Does your Ceramic Bakeware Set Stain Easily?

No, it doesn’t. Xtrema products resist bacteria, so even highly acidic foods, such as tomatoes, won’t stain the surface.

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