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Ceramic Bakeware - The Best Choice

Ceramic Bakeware

Ceramic Bakeware is Better than Glass

Ceramic bakeware is the safest bakeware you can purchase for the health and welfare of your family. There may be danger hiding in your kitchen drawers and cabinets.

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Glass bakeware can be dangerous and receives numerous complaints at Consumer Affairs. What’s the complaint? Glass bakeware can explode!

Hank Chamberlin, president of Allied Glass Experts, a glass consulting and testing company, said: “We’re not having trouble with people dropping these things on the tile floor and cutting their toes. We’re having trouble with people taking them out of the oven and having them blow up and put scalding food on them.” Don’t take the risk!

Our Xtrema ceramic ovenware has all of the advantages of glass without the anxiety. In fact, our ceramic ovenware offers more versatility than glass, because our ceramic bakeware can go from the freezer to oven, microwave, or stovetop safely - no matter how hot or cold the ceramic cookware is!

Ceramic Ovenware is Better than Teflon

Teflon and other non-stick brands such as Silverstone, Excalibur, T-Fal, Duracote, and others contain PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). This surface coating enables you to cook food without sticking and allows for easy clean up.

A serious problem occurs when temperatures reach 446 F, the coating starts to break down, which releases harmful toxins. Our innovative ceramic ovenware never emits toxins. Our non-scratch, easy-clean finish consists of 100% natural materials that won’t peel or flake into food. Furthermore, metal utensils won’t damage our sturdy ceramic bakeware.

Ceramic Bakeware is Better than Aluminum

Aluminum is a bakeware chosen by many consumers, but may not be the best choice. Aluminum is a “reactive metal.” This means it reacts with certain foods such as acidic and salty foods and can release itself into your system.

Some aluminum sources include aluminum foil, cookware, and bakeware. Our ceramic bakeware is free of trace metals and chemicals.

Furthermore, Xtrema is created from inorganic natural minerals that are friendly to the environment.

Ceramic Ovenware is Better than Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pots and pans have long been used as cookware, but is it safe?

Stainless steel has alloys that contain nickel, chromium, carbon, and other metals. Once believed to be an inert or non-reactive metal, this may not be true. For people who have allergies to nickel, cooking and baking with stainless steel could pose a serious health risk.

With so many things in our environment that can negatively affect our health, why take chances with food preparation?

At Xtrema, we are committed to developing the safest and most versatile ceramic ovenware and bakeware for your family as well as the environment. Attractive, versatile, easy-to-use and safe, that's Xtrema ceramic bakeware.

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