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Green Ceramic Bakeware From Ceramcor

Why is green or natural ceramic bakeware becoming important to consumers?

Ceramcor is dedicated to creating products that are healthy for your family and safe for our planet. People have recognized that going green is good not only for their own health, but for the well-being of the planet. As better, greener ways are discovered to create products without exposure to pollution, heavy metals and other toxins, people will be healthier and the earth will benefit.

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How is Xtrema’s green ceramic bakeware better than metal bakeware?

Metal bakeware poses many health threats due to leaching.

Metals such as aluminum, nickel, lead, iron, copper, chromium, and carbon react with food when a particular temperature is reached. When food is ingested, these chemicals can be released into your body. Metal bakeware also requires great amounts of fossil fuels to produce, which depletes the world’s resources.

In contrast, our green ceramic bakeware is made from a safe material. This ceramic clay is a natural material that goes through molding, polishing, burning, glazing, and then finally fired in natural gas powered kilns.

This manufacturing process requires the expertise of highly skilled artisans. In fact, every piece of Xtrema bakeware takes 22 days to produce.

What does your natural ceramic bakeware look like?

Xtrema’s natural ceramic bakeware is eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Our ovenware has a sleek, classic look – a glossy black ceramic finish – perfect for the modern day kitchen. All of our green ceramic bakeware pieces are practical and perfect for entertaining. They have extra wide handles so you can carry food with ease from oven to table.

Check out our newest innovation, our Tea Potle, which works as both a teakettle and a teapot to boil water and brew tea.

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