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Factors in  Choosing Bakeware

Must be safe for your family – a product that doesn’t produce chemicals or toxins.

Xtrema products are healthy for you, your family, and the planet! We are committed to creating the safest, most versatile healthy bakeware you can buy, free from all chemicals and toxins.

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Healthy bakeware that’s easy to use, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, attractive, and can go from oven to table.

Ceramcor realizes that versatility is important. You need products that work for many applications. Xtrema healthy bakeware can go in the oven, on the stovetop, in the broiler, in the freezer, on the barbeque grill, in the microwave oven, in the dishwasher, and on your dining room table. From Freezer to oven, how is that for convenience?

Bakeware that’s good for the environment and uses energy wisely.

Since Xtrema products are handmade using clay, water and natural gas the process is safe for the environment. Our products provide longer heat retention and aid in reducing cooking time, which reduces energy costs.

Healthy bakeware that can withstand high temperatures or temperature changes without breaking or exploding.

Xtrema healthy bakeware can go from oven to counter top to freezer without shattering, as some glassware is prone to do. There is no need to worry about high temperatures. Our cookware can withstand 2700°F.

A product that is durable and will last many years.

Metal utensils or even industrial strength steel wool can’t scratch the surface of Xtrema healthy bakeware. Designed to withstand constant use, our products are strong and made to last a lifetime. We suggest using nylon, silicone or wooden tools since metal utensils can leave gray marks on the surface.

It should come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your baking/cooking needs.

Ceramcor’s healthy bakeware comes in numerous sizes and shapes to suit all of your baking and cooking needs. Check frequently for new additions!

Products that are easy to care for and clean up quickly.

Cleanup is a snap with our products. Their non-scratch, non-toxic, ceramic glazed surface cleans easily and is completely dishwasher safe.

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