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Eliminate Worries With Lead-Free Bakeware

Unbelievably, some bakeware on the market is made using lead and older bakeware may contain lead that can leach into your cooking. If you are concerned about reducing the amount of lead in your household, it’s time to invest in lead-free bakeware from Ovenex.

Our Ovenex bakeware is manufactured from ceramic minerals, and green inorganic materials that are completely safe. Each piece of ceramic bakeware is covered inside and out with a ceramic glaze that is non-porous and 100% safe and free of any heavy metals. This means nothing will get into your food except what you add to your recipes.

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Enjoy Safer, Tastier Meals Thanks to Ceramic

Ceramic isn’t just lead-free. It’s also one of the materials that allows you to create tastier meals. Because ceramic adds no flavors to your cooking, nor does it foster unwanted chemical reactions between ingredients, it offers you only the pure tastes you intend. Every time you make your favorite recipe in your ceramic bakeware, you can be sure the finished product will be consistent.

Far-Infrared Heating Provides Peace of Mind

Another benefit you’ll see when cooking with lead-free bakeware is that all the food heats evenly. Ceramic promotes far-infrared heating, a term for heating something inside and outside at the same time. You may even discover that some of your meals take less time to prepare when you utilize your Ovenex ceramic bakeware.

Find out why so many of your friends and neighbors wouldn’t think of using any other type of bakeware. Order your lead-free Ovenex bakeware from Ceramcor today.

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