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Make the Switch to Non-Toxic Bakeware

If someone asked you to choose between toxic and non-toxic bakeware, the choice would be obvious. Yet many cooks and bakers are still using bakeware made from materials that may contain harmful chemicals, such as those with non-stick coating. Be sure your bakeware is truly non-toxic by ordering ceramic bakeware from Ovenex.

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Ovenex Bakeware Is 100% Green, Non-Toxic and Safe

When you purchase Ovenex ceramic bakeware, you’ll be getting products that have been certified 100% green. In fact, the Ceramcor Company has been named a Green America-certified business. Ceramic is an inorganic, naturally occurring material. Covering the ceramic foundation is a ceramic-based glaze that is also non-toxic. This means you can stop worrying about what might end up in your food, such as metal particles, rust or toxins.

Use Your Ovenex Bakeware Everywhere in Your Kitchen

Take your Ovenex bakeware from the refrigerator to the microwave without having to fiddle with an extra container. Alternatively, you can move your non-toxic bakeware from the oven to the refrigerator too. Your bakeware will adjust beautifully. Efficiency was never so easy!

Look for non-toxic bakeware for sale today, and buy a set of ceramic bakeware for yourself or a friend. Our safer bakeware makes a terrific gift for someone special who could use bakeware that is trustworthy, non-toxic and attractive! Order online and get your Ovenex bakeware delivered right to your door.

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