Benefits of Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

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Safer Preparation. Healthier Eating. Xtrema Cookware.

Even if you spend a lot of time planning and preparing meals for yourself and your family, you may not be getting the most delicious results. Unfortunately, many of today’s most popular cooking surfaces not only leach unwanted flavors into your food, they can also be dangerous to your health. Luckily, with ceramic cookware, you can enjoy a versatile cooking experience that gives you healthy, tasty results and easy cleanup to boot.

A Cookware Solution You Can Trust

The inorganic, 100% natural materials in our ceramic cookware means there are no dangerous metals or chemicals leaching toxins into your food and air. Ceramic is naturally durable and non-reactive — it won’t change the taste of dishes such as tomato sauce or eggs. This durability also means you can use Xtrema safely under high temperatures and freezing temperatures alike. You can cook a dish under the broiler and put it in the freezer without any problems.

Material in Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

Our Xtrema ceramic cookware material is made from clay, water and various inorganic minerals like Kaolinite, Mullite Petalite, Cordierite and refractory clay that are found in the earth’s crust.   This ceramic material is 100% safe, non-toxic and contains no metals, lead or cadmium.    We use no chemicals and or glues in our Xtrema ceramic cookware.

Our ceramic glaze is made up of various metallic oxides and there are no dyes or toxic chemicals in our ceramic non-scratch glaze.  The combination of various oxides gives our product the black color.  This Ceramic glaze is 100% safe and non-toxic and our glaze contains no lead or cadmium. The ceramic minerals used to make our product are Kaolinite, clay, sand, Mullite, Petalite, Cordierite and various metal oxides which are used  for the high temperature non-scratch ceramic glaze.  The  raw materials come from Australia, Africa, Asia and the USA. Our Xtrema cookware is 100% All Ceramic.

How Ceramic Cookware is Made

Benefits Include


  • Xtremely Safe: Non-Toxic. Free of Lead, Cadmium, and Heavy Metals. PFOA & PTFE Free with no unsafe non-stick coating.
  • Xtreme High Temperature: Our All Natural 100% Ceramic Cookware Can Withstand Temperatures of 2,700F; Metal Cookware Can Melt at 2,200F.
  • Xtremely Durable: Our 100% Ceramic Cooking Surface Can Never Be Scratched – Unlike Ceramic Coated Metal Cookware which Can Be Easily Scratched and Damaged, Especially When Overheated
  • Xtremely Long Lasting: Our All Natural 100% Ceramic Cookware Has a 50 Year Warranty Against Scratching
  • Xtremely Easy to Clean: Non-Scratch, Non-Toxic 100% Solid Ceramic Cookware Inside and Out. (No Metal)
  • Xtremely Attractive: High Gloss Ceramic Black Finish.
  • Xtremely Versatile: Works on Stovetop, in Oven, Broiler, Toaster Oven, Steamer Oven, Convection Oven, Freezer, Barbecue Grill, Microwave Oven, Dishwasher and on the Dining Room Table. Xtrema works on gas, electric coil & glasstop stoves. *Xtrema Cookware WILL NOT work on an Induction Stove because our ceramic material does not contain ferromagnetic/iron materials.*
  • Xtremely Healthy Cooking: No Trace Metals or Chemicals Leached from the 100% Solid Lead-Free Ceramic Cooking Surface
  • Xtremely Practical: Reduces Cooking Time and Uses Less Energy, Foods Stay Hotter Longer
  • Xtremely Tasty: Ceramic Far Infrared Cooking Enhances the Food Flavor and the Entire Cooking Experience

What Makes Xtrema Unlike Any Other Cookware on the Market Today?

For thousands of years, clay pots and pans comprised the backbone of the home cook’s kitchen. Anthropologists have discovered ceramic cookware intact in ancient ruins, because these cultures recognized a valuable tool when they saw it. Today you can enjoy handcrafted ceramic cookware that offers an unparalleled array of benefits in your own home kitchen.

Xtrema is lightweight ceramic cookware from entirely inorganic materials. This innovative material is completely non-reactive, and scratchproof, making it suitable for all types of cooking and baking. Ceramic cookware can withstand temperatures up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit — 300 degrees above the melting point of steel. That means not only can you use your cookware under the broiler without worry, you can also reduce the risk of stove damage and fire. When you’re done cooking, your ceramic cookware will stay equally durable from the dishwasher to the freezer, for a cooking experience unmatched by any other material.

Best Cookware Material - Ceramic cookware comparison

Beautiful for Serving and Easy to Clean

Just becauseXtremais durable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beauty and convenience. Xtrema ceramic cookware features a spacious cooking surface and even heat distribution. Thanks to its superior heat retention properties, you can keep food warm for extended periods without burning.

Xtrema cookware’s beautiful sheen also makes it suitable for the tabletop, making serving fast and easy. Need to store leftovers for later? No problem — you can even put Xtrema in the freezer.

A Handcrafted, Eco-Friendly Cooking Solution for Your Kitchen

We handcraft every piece of Xtrema ceramic cookware with your health and eco-friendliness in mind. From safe storage to bakeware, stovetop and tabletop, ceramic cookware offers home cooks elegant and practical solutions to a diverse range of common kitchen problems.

Healthy Cookware That Will Last a Lifetime

Xtrema ceramic cookware is the most heat-resistant cookware on the market, period. That is why we offer a 50-year limited warranty against damage caused by hot and cold temperatures. How can ceramic cookware beat other popular materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, PFOA nonstick and copper?

Safer Preparation, Healthier Meals

This non-reactive, all-natural cookware also won’t leach unwanted and unsafe chemicals into your food or air. You can use it for everything from creating delicious tomato-based sauces to whipping egg whites without worry. No more wondering about what toxins are leaching into your food when you accidentally scratch your cookware, either, because ceramic cookware is naturally tough and scratch-resistant. In fact, ceramic cookware’s surface is so tough that we recommend using silicone and nylon utensils to protect your metal cooking utensils — not the cookware!

From storage and prep to cleanup and back, ceramic cookware is your choice for durability and versatility.

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