Homemade Xtrema Turkey Burgers

Xtrema Cookware owner Rich Bergstrom is known for his exceptional knowledge of ceramics but he is also known to be quite the home chef.   One of his best family dishes is the Legendary Bergstrom Turkey Burger created by Rich and his wife Debbie.  This delicious, yet simple burger is great for Sunday football or for a quick mid week dinner …

Cooking with Xtrema

Experience Xtrema Cookware at it’s best on our Instagram Page now available at Instagram/ceramcor

Zucchini Pasta Bake

Whether your looking for cooking inspiration, recipes, food photography, or to see Xtrema’s Superior Cooking Versatility, our Instagram Page has a healthy mealtimedose of everything foodie and delicious!  This is the perfect page for the avid chef or the beginner chef just getting started in the …

Coming This August! Xtrema Colors.

Introducing Xtrema Colors — Unparalleled Beauty, Superior Performance. 


This is our first line of colored cookware.  Now you can accent our 100% Ceramic Healthy Cookware with Firebrick Red or Apple Green Covers.   We have been working on this line for over 3 years.   We are offering these 2 colors in a versatile 14 Piece Sauce Pot Set which includes the …