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Healthy After-School Snack Ideas

after school snack ideas

After a long day of learning, kids come home from school looking for something to eat. Rather than letting them raid the pantry for any hidden cookies or chips, stock up on the good stuff. We’re talking fruits and veggies, of course, as well as some unexpected items your little ones will be delighted to help you make.

You know …

Easy Chicken Recipes

Easy Chicken Recipes

Chicken kind of rules the kitchen. It’s easy. It’s affordable. And above all else, it’s endlessly versatile. Chicken sadly gets sidelined in favor of more “interesting” trendy meats— we’re looking at you, pork belly, brisket…bacon, but we think it deserves a little more credit.

Skin-on chicken requires few adjustments to make a moist, delicious feast. Lean, boneless skinless chicken breasts …

One-Pot Meal Recipes — Your Guide to Dinner, Minus the Mess

one-pot meal recipes
After a busy day, no one wants to come home and spend hours in the kitchen making a healthy meal, much less come up with a plan that feeds the entire family without any complaints. Between the prep, the cleanup and the actual cooking, feeding you and your family can feel like a full-time job — without the extra pay.…