Debra Lynn Dadd Reviews Xtrema’s FridgeX Silicone Food Storage Containers

4 Piece Rect Set in fridge


Here is what Debra Lynn Dadd had to say about Xtrema Cookware’s new Fridgex Silicone 
Food Storage Container Line:

Based on this and other research I have done on silicone, I don’t see a toxic problem here. Looks fine to me.I have a set of these storage containers. They can also be used as bakeware. There are two things I like about them. One is that they collapse so they take up less space to store. The other is they actually absorb cold, so they keep food cold out of the refrigerator, like a little cooler. I don’t know how long this thermal effect lasts, but plastic doesn’t hold the cold at all. Great feature! These are FDA approved containers for both baking and food storage. I don’t see anything toxic about them! 🙂
— Debra Lynn Dadd

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1 comment
  1. Scott L. Sammons | November 18, 2015 at 2:38 am

    Sadly FridgeX only sells complete sets. If you need more of one size than the rest, you must buy another complete set. In my case I wanted to freeze a quantity of my cream of pumpkin soup, to go from freezer to lunch box, to microwave. I would need fifty complete sets, my soup is very good, but not $5,000.00 good!

    If FridgeX changes its policy I will be first in line. Until then, it is just a gimmick product for occasional use.