Coming This August! Xtrema Colors.

Introducing Xtrema Colors — Unparalleled Beauty, Superior Performance. 


This is our first line of colored cookware.  Now you can accent our 100% Ceramic Healthy Cookware with Firebrick Red or Apple Green Covers.   We have been working on this line for over 3 years.   We are offering these 2 colors in a versatile 14 Piece Sauce Pot Set which includes the …

Mexican Fiesta Xtrema Style

There is just something about spicy homemade Mexican food cooked up in Xtrema All Natural Ceramic Cookware!  

We had family over and baked up homemade shredded chicken and roasted veggie enchiladas served with a homemade southwestern rice.   Everything was cooked  and served in Xtrema.  Unlike metal, our 100% ceramic cookware goes straight from the stove or oven right to the …