DIY Dog Treats – Homemade Dog Food and Dog Treat Recipes for Healthier Pets

Homemade Dog Food and Dog Treat Recipes

When many of us think dog food or treats, we think of the standard dried meats or milk bones. They aren’t the only options, though, and there’s plenty of room for variety.

And for those of us who spoil our dogs, it can be hard to keep our doting in check — which often results in pudgy pets with insatiable …

Wings, Wings, Wings: Chicken Wings Recipes for the Perfect Game-Day Spread

Chicken Wings Recipes

When we think of chicken wings, we tend to think of the fried, the breaded and the spicy stuff dipped in ranch dressing. But wings can be more versatile than one might imagine. Baked or fried, minimalist or heavily coated in sauces and spices aplenty, chicken wings rule the game-day smorgasbord.

And, with football season just around the corner, it’s …

Cool Treats to Beat the Summer Heat

Cool Treats to Beat the Summer Heat

Brace yourself for a sizzling summer heat wave with fun treats that keep you from overheating. Cool treats are the perfect way to fend off the summer temperatures. From easy ice cream recipes to homemade popsicles, these summer recipe ideas keep you going between dips in the pool and summer gatherings with friends.