Win a Free Xtrema 9″ Non-Stick Flair Skillet

Do you love Xtrema Healthy Cookware?? Or are you just looking to replace your old unhealthy metal cookware?? Or maybe you are just looking to experience ceramic cookware for the first time??

Well now’s your chance to get your hands on some Xtrema for free!! We are always participating in exciting giveaways and we wanted to share this one with you.

— Sammi’s Blog Of Life Xtrema 9″ Flair Giveaway —

The contest is very simple! Just visit the link below and post why you would like to own a piece of Xtrema Healthy Cookware. There are also many other ways to enter like following us on Twitter and Facebook. Here is the link to the giveaway. Good Luck!

This is what Sammi’s Blog of life had to say about her new Xtrema Flair Non-Stick Skillet:

“The best part of this pan is that the food slides out with ease because of the shape of the pan. I didn’t even spray Pam into the pan before cooking because I wanted to see how well the non-stick coating worked. I slid my omelet onto my plate practically effortlessly and there was barely any food residue left in the pan afterwards. I’ve had pans before where egg and cheese residue was left in the pan and it was a pain to get out. The pan is dishwasher safe which is a nice added bonus. I highly recommend Xtrema for any of your future cooking needs.”

Thanks for stopping by Xtrema’s Healthy Cookware Blog!

For Health,

Patrick Bergstrom

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