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Xtrema - The Cast Iron Cookware Alternative

Cast iron cookware is known for excellent heat retention, but many consumers grow tired of the constant seasoning and maintenance required to protect it from rust and to create a non-stick surface.

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Another downside is that cast iron cookware is difficult to clean, cannot be immersed in water and you must never use strong detergents or scour it to avoid damaging the seasoning and surface. Worst of all, cast iron cookware has been proven to leach small amounts of iron into your food.

That’s why many consumers are ditching their cast iron cook ware for Xtrema ceramic cookware. Xtrema products feature a revolutionary ceramic non-scratch ceramic glaze on the inside and outside of every vessel. This ceramic glaze resists bacteria and consists of 100% natural ceramic materials. It’s also safe for the environment.

Unlike cast iron cookware, Xtrema ceramic cookware is dishwasher safe and cannot by scratched, even by using industrial steel wool or abrasive cleaning products. We also back each and every Xtrema cookware with a 10-year guarantee!

Cast Iron Cookware: The Environmental Impact

Cast iron cook ware manufacturers may point out that their products are eco-friendly and safe for the environment, but they never mention the impact the manufacturing process has or describe the working conditions that go into making cast iron cookware.

Cast iron cook ware is mined and manufactured using a process that results in:

  • Deforestation and the contamination of soil & water
  • Large amounts of polluted water
  • Toxic gases, including gases containing sulfurous gas, nitrogen oxide and large amounts of carbon monoxide and dioxide
  • Waste products of lime & iron impurities called slag
  • Workers endure prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and poisonous gases

On the contrary, all Xtrema cookware materials are handcrafted using inorganic natural minerals. The kilns used for manufacturing use clean-burning and safe natural gas. The non-scratch ceramic cooking surface on the Xtrema cookware is non-reactive and 100% non-toxic. No odors or gases are ever released during the entire cooking process, even if the cooking temperatures exceed 2500 F. The Xtrema cooking surface contains no harmful PFOA coating and produces no harmful PFOA gas which can occur with most popular non-stick petroleum- based coatings.

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