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Xtrema’s Ceramic-Based Cookware

Ceramic-based cookware is growing in popularity. You can find many varieties on the Internet, on TV shopping networks, and in department stores.

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But beware, not all ceramic-based cookware is created equal! Some cookware, bakeware and tableware are improperly manufactured, which can cause lead poisoning.

What Causes the Problem with Lead?

As reported in the New York Times in 1990, the firing process in various ceramic glazes is the problem. If the ceramic glaze is not sealed properly during the firing process, the cookware is apt to be sub-standard. The lead can leach out during the cooking process and into your food. Some ceramic-based cookware products should only be used as decorations.

How is Xtrema’s Ceramic-Based Cookware Different?

Xtrema’s ceramic-based cookware is created with great care with your safety in mind. Ceramcor is committed to producing the safest, healthiest cookware and bakeware on the planet. Xtrema products are free from toxins and chemicals and are created by experienced artisans using natural gas, clay, and water. The three-step firing process of our Xtrema cookware at 2500F for 24 hours burns off all of the impurities and guarantees that a solid indestructible seal has occurred. Careful product inspection and lab testing is the cornerstone of our process.

Xtrema’s Ceramic-Based Cookware Beats the Competition

Xtrema’s ceramic-based cookware is safer, and more versatile than other cookware. Metal cookware can leach chemicals into your body, including nickel, chromium, carbon, aluminum, iron, lead and perfluorooctanic acid. Glass cookware can shatter and explode.

Xtrema’s ceramic-based cookware doesn’t leach harmful chemicals nor emit toxic odors. We make our cookware tough enough to withstand high temperatures and the most extreme temperature changes. Xtrema cookware can go from the freezer to the top of range and oven safely without breaking. Use Xtrema cook ware anywhere in your kitchen, including your stovetop, oven, microwave, broiler, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and even your barbecue grill.

Best of all, the glossy black color compliments any décor, and looks fantastic on your dining room or kitchen table.

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