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Jet Black Ceramic Cookware From Xtrema

Not only is cookware by Xtrema healthy and environmentally friendly, it’s also a great addition to any kitchen.

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We are dedicated to natural, healthy, delicious cooking, and our dedication extends to the design of our products. Our sleek, attractive set of products includes black ceramic cookware that’s made from specially formulated ceramic materials, a nontoxic, and 100% healthy alternative to metal cookware.

Metal cookware, such as aluminum or stainless steel, is often coated with toxic, unhealthy PFOA non-stick coating that can flake or peel into food, not to mention emit harmful gasses when cooking at high temperatures.

When we manufacture our ceramic products, we use a 100% clean, natural gas firing kilns that don't harm the environment.

A Healthy Alternative to Metal Cookware

All aspects of our products provide a healthy alternative to metal cookware, but that doesn't mean we skimp on the design.

Our highly glossed, black ceramic cookware is as attractive as it is functional. The smooth, modern, black ceramic cookware we offer can be used not only for cooking your meal, but for serving and entertaining as well.

The classic look of Xtrema black ceramic cookware ensures it looks great with any contemporary kitchen décor. Our products also feature extra wide handles for carrying and easy grip covers for easy transport.

Black Cookware that Lasts

The ceramic material we use in our cookware cannot be scratched, so you can easily scrub away tough stains, saving you time and energy.

Cleaning your black ceramic cookware is simple and fast when compared to metal products. And because our cookware can be used in so many different cooking situations, the versatility of Xtrema cookware means you won't need to dirty as many dishes.

10 Year Guarantee

We're so confident in our products that we offer a 10-year performance guarantee on all of our black ceramic cookware products

You won't get that type of guarantee from a metal cookware company. The unique durability of our Xtrema products allows us to promise that neither extreme heat nor cold will damage your cookware, and if it does, we will replace your cookware for free.

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