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Revolutionary Ceramic Cooking Surface

Xtrema cookware features our technologically advanced ceramic cooking surface. This ceramic cooking surface gives our cookware a durable, non-scratch finish, which is environmentally safe. Metal non-stick pans can be dangerous because they can chip or flake, as well as leach chemicals into your food. Made of 100% natural ceramic materials, the Xtrema ceramic cooking surface is safe for your family. Xtrema never emits toxic odors or chemicals and can’t be damaged by metal utensils. For healthy cooking, rely on Xtrema cookware.

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The Ceramic Surface on our Cookware Saves Time

Don’t spend time scrubbing separate dishes for storage, cooking and serving. Simplify and use our cookware virtually anywhere in your kitchen. Stovetop, oven, microwave, broiler, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and even your barbecue grill, one dish does it all!

Xtrema offers convenience at its best. Our cookware can go from freezer to top of range or oven and then to serving table without needing to be thawed or transferred to another container. Xtrema can easily handle extreme temperature changes. The ceramic surface on our cookware is non-scratch and easy-to-clean.

Our Cookware Enhances Flavor

Want your food to taste better? Increase their nutritional value? You need Xtrema. The ceramic cooking surface on our cookware distributes radiant heat, so your food is cooked from the inside and outside perfectly. You’ll be able to taste subtle and natural flavors. And with longer heat retention Xtrema ceramic reduces cooking times and lowers energy costs.

The ceramic cooking surface on our cookware resists bacteria. No more spaghetti-stained containers. No more absorbed or trapped odors tainting your meals. For safe, flavorful meals rely on Xtrema cookware.

Our Xtrema products are backed by a 10-year warranty against breakage from hot or cold thermal shock. Xtrema offers excellent cooking performance for years to come. Start cooking more safely with Xtrema Ceramic cookware.

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