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Xtrema’s Ceramic Cook Ware

Ceramic Cookware that Preserves the Flavor of Foods

Want better tasting food? Prepare it in ceramic cookware. Metal cookware can leach trace metals into your food during the cooking process. Our ceramic cookware never emits toxic odors, and will never flake into food like other metal non-stick pans.

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Originally ceramic cookware was only used in the oven. Today, our revolutionary Xtrema cookware can be used on your stovetop as well as inside your oven. This superb versatility allows our product to satisfy all your culinary needs.

Food Bakes Well with Xtrema

Xtrema ceramic cookware bakes efficiently. Jessica James, in her blog, 24 Ways to Reduce Kitchen Energy, commented, “Choose your cookware carefully. Ceramic cook ware conducts and retains heat better than metal. If a recipe calls for a metal baking pan, you can usually switch to a ceramic one, which will allow you to lower the cooking temperature by 25°.”

Xtrema products can be used on all types of stoves, including conventional electric burners, ceramic-glass top stoves, and gas ovens. Plus, our safe non-scratch cooking surface makes clean up fast and easy. Our ceramic cookware can be cleaned the same as your metal cookware. Don’t worry about scratching the surface; our cook ware is tough!


Food Looks Great in Xtrema Ceramic Cook ware

With a black, high-gloss finish, our cookware is perfect for cooking and serving. The surface of Xtrema ceramic cookware will not corrode nor require polishing. Unlike your cast iron pans, you won’t need to season our ceramic cookware. Enjoy excellent cooking performance while proudly serving your family and guests with Xtrema’s classic cookware.

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