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Rave Reviews for Xtrema Cookware

At Xtrema, we understand that your cookware purchase is an investment that will last a long, long time. You expect your cookware to meet numerous benchmarks for quality, performance, versatility, safety, value and style. We love our ceramic cookware and believe it’s the safest, highest-quality high-performance brand on the market, but don’t take our word for it. Read our reviews and see for yourself why Xtrema ceramic cookware may be the last set of sauce pots and pans you ever buy.

Are you looking for the healthiest, highest quality ceramic cookware? Reviews say Xtrema's line of products is by far the best. Xtrema's unique, attractive line of ceramic cookware – in reviews from a variety of sources and experts – performs the best when it comes to durability, dependability, style, and efficiency. With some of the most forward-thinking designs available today, our line of environmentally friendly and healthy cookware has established Xtrema as a leader in cooking innovation.

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National Media Reviews Xtrema

Safe, green and healthy — these are the buzzwords every new product wants, and Xtrema ceramic cookware products provide our customers with each. Created from inorganic, natural materials that come straight from the crust of the Earth, ceramic cookware has been a popular cooking surface for thousands of years. It is incredibly durable under intense temperature conditions and is produced using Earth-friendly manufacturing practices. In fact, Xtrema was recognized as one of the “Top 100 Green Designs” by Time in 2009, and was featured in National Geographic's “Green Guide” in 2008

After testing Xtrema's ceramic cookware for review, noted that the Xtrema line of products “makes home cooking easy, healthy and energy-efficient.” Atlantic Social Season called Xtrema ceramic cookware, in a review, “the first ceramic cookware...combines innovative and patented ceramic heating materials with a superior ceramic non-stick cooking surface." That means you won’t ever have to wonder about the safety of your non-scratch cooking pans or groan as your metal cookware loses heat — as you gain a cold dinner.

When you cook with Xtrema ceramic cookware, you’ll notice that the dishes you prepare have lost their metallic taste. You’ll also see that ceramic cookware naturally resists stains and sticking, is a breeze to clean, and provides superior, even performance under a huge range of temperature conditions.

“Unequaled in both performance and safety”

More and more consumers today are conscious of the choices they make regarding food preparation and the potential hazards that cooking poses. With Xtrema's ceramic cookware, reviews say, you can rest assured that you’re cooking your food safely with cookware that doesn’t put a strain on the environment. Not only does Xtrema ceramic cookware retain heat longer and distribute it more evenly, it also helps the foods you prepare retain moisture. You may even be able to reduce cooking times as you enjoy your current favorite recipes even more, because Xtrema ceramic cookware provides unequaled performance.

Green and Healthy Cookware Reviews

Xtrema ceramic cookware was recognized for our commitment to going green by Shape magazine in 2009, which honored Xtrema with a “Green Living Award” and selected our products as “Chef's Choice.”

We produce all of our ceramic cookware with natural ceramic minerals, using a clean, natural gas firing kiln and recycled water to make sure the environmental impact of our manufacturing is as low as possible. All of our products have a non-scratch nontoxic ceramic cooking surface that ensures easy cleaning and protection from scratches – something that can't be said for metal cookware.

Safe. Healthy. Green. Eco Friendly

Xtrema ceramic cookware delivers under every modern metric. It provides incredible use-and-function capability. It sears, poaches, bakes, roasts and boils to perfection. It retains heat longer, and cleans and stores with ease. Is there any modern cookware that can provide these attributes while also promising a strong commitment to the health of your family and the environment? The answer is simple.

Make Xtrema your choice and find out why reviewers are raving about our ceramic cookware.

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