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Xtrema Ceramic Fry Pans Offer Unmatched Versatility

Have you ever heard the phrase “out of the frying pan and into the oven”? With Xtrema, your food doesn’t have to leave the pan, because our ceramic fry pans can go from the stovetop to the oven, broiler, microwave oven, and barbecue grill. With their attractive and stylish finish, our pans will look great on your dining room table!

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Incredible High-Performance Cookware

Ceramic is one of the oldest cooking surfaces known to mankind because of its incredible durability. When you’re ready to sear the juiciest fresh fish, poach the perfect egg or fry the best chicken you’ve had since you were a kid, you need Xtrema ceramic fry pans.

Our ceramic cookware is made from incredibly durable inorganic material sourced from the Earth’s crust and can withstand temperatures up to 2500 degrees. It also distributes heat evenly and retains it with less wasted energy — that means better control over your most challenging cooking projects. Since it's also refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe, one ceramic fry pan serves the function of many, which translates to fewer pots to clean and quicker clean-up time.

Although cultures around the world have relied on ceramic cookware for thousands of years, it’s only recently that American home cooks have discovered this innovation. Xtrema ceramic fry pans are 100% nonreactive, which means you’ll never have to worry about a delicate interior finish scratching or wearing off after exposure to acidic foods or high temperatures. It also means you’ll never have to expose your family to the harsh, cancer-causing chemicals that other popular cookware brands use to create a non-scratch finish. Did we mention that Xtrema ceramic cookware is naturally non-scratch? It is!

Unmatched Durability

Xtrema ceramic fry pans are coated on the inside and onside with a revolutionary and technologically advanced non-scratch Ceramic Glaze. This assures better cooking performance because you’ll avoid stuck-on foods, even during high-heat searing and frying. It also means easier and faster cleanup. When you cook with Xtrema ceramic fry pans, you’ll be able to use your cookware every day and never have to worry about unsightly and dangerous chips or stains. We’re so convinced of our cookware’s durability that your Xtrema ceramic frying pan is guaranteed for reliable performance by a 50-year warranty against breakage resulting from hot or cold thermal shock.

Unmatched Reliability

The Xtrema ceramic fry pan contains an inert and non-reactive quality that produces a far-infrared heating process. Foods cook faster and heat is retained longer. Because food is now cooked from the inside and outside at the same time, the subtle textures and natural flavors of your favorite dishes are enhanced. Ceramic cookware also improves moisture retention, which means the dishes you prepare will stay moist as they retain their size and shape — unlike other cookware that can dry out even your most carefully planned meals.

Environmental Sensibility

Our ceramic fry pans are made of inorganic natural minerals, which are bacteria and scratch resistant. Our ceramic material is 100% non toxic, unlike other products with surfaces that can damage easily, eventually deteriorate, and release harmful toxins into your foods. Most non-stick PFOA based coatings release harmful PFOA gases, which pose serious health risks. Our ceramic fry pan’s surface contains no harmful PFOA coating and produces no harmful toxic gases.

In addition, our artisans create Xtrema ceramic cookware with the careful attention only skilled practitioners can appreciate — in an Earth-friendly plant where quality matters. When you choose Xtrema ceramic cookware for your sauce pots and fry pans, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. From stovetop to grill to table and dishwasher, there is no cookware like ceramic cookware from Xtrema.

With so many benefits and safety advantages, you’ll want to experience the difference Xtrema cookware can have in your cooking. Make Xtrema your choice for your next fry pan, and you’ll see why ceramic cookware will become your favorite cookware in the kitchen.

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