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Xtrema's Lightweight Ceramic Cookware

Have you ever tried to lift an unbearably heavy roast turkey out of the oven at Thanksgiving or transfer a full pot of chili to the table from the stovetop? If so, then you likely understand how important using lightweight — but versatile — cookware can be. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and lightweight alternative to the heavy metallic cooking products that crowd your kitchen and strain your back, Xtrema is here to help.

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Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

Xtrema ceramic cookware is the perfect marriage of versatility, eco-friendliness, beauty and function. Our artisans handcraft Xtrema ceramic cookware using the principles that have guided ceramics for thousands of years. Xtrema is made from all-natural materials from the Earth’s crust in a specialized ceramic kiln, which burns clean natural gas, as opposed to the energy-intensive, polluting processes used in manufacturing metal cookware.

Our versatile ceramic cookware is perfect for all cooking methods, including the microwave, the stove, or the broiler. You can use Xtrema ceramic cookware on the grill and in the freezer. You can even put Xtrema in the dishwasher without worrying that its naturally non-scratch finish will chip, crack or wear. Plus, because Xtrema ceramic cookware is lightweight, you can rely on it for your heaviest dishes, from stews and chowders to roasts, paella and more. Our cookware is coated with a ceramic, all natural, ceramic glaze that allows our products to be lightweight.

Durable, Healthy Cookware

Xtrema is more than simply lightweight ceramic cookware. Xtrema ceramic cookware is nonreactive and healthy for all kinds of food preparation. You’ll never have to worry about tomatoes, eggs or other ingredients wearing down the inside of your sauce pots or pans. You also won’t have to worry about unwanted metallic flavors leaching into the delicious meals you take so much time to prepare.

Best of all, not only is our ceramic cookware non-toxic and safe, it also retains and distributes heat across the cooking surface evenly and easily. That can reduce preparation times and assure better outcomes when you prepare delicate meats, vegetables and more. That means Xtrema ceramic cookware is your healthiest choice for all kinds of cooking — not only broiling or boiling.

Foods cooked with Xtrema products simply taste better. You'll notice the difference immediately, your eggs cook more evenly, vegetables taste fresher, and sauces are simmered to perfection. Also, your ceramic cookware uses far infrared radiant heat that evenly distributes heat to cook food from both the outside and the inside at the same time.

You’ll also discover that Xtrema’s ceramic cookware insulates heat longer than metal products, due to the properties of our unique inert, non-reactive ceramic material. Food stays warmer longer and even continues to cook after removing the cookware from the heat source, thereby reducing cooking times and energy usage.

Easy Cleanup, Super Strong

Xtrema cookware can withstand temperatures of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Because we're so confident of its durability, each product comes with a 10-year performance guarantee against breakage from hot or cold thermal shock! This makes Xtrema among the most versatile cookware options available anywhere.

With your lightweight, ceramic cookware, cleaning up is a breeze. The non-scratch, non-toxic ceramic cooking surface can handle Brillo and SOS pads and various kinds of cleaning powders and cleaning pastes. Your cookware will look brand new after every use. In addition to this, the versatility of our ceramic cookware means fewer dishes to clean. Imagine storing a meal in the freezer and cooking it in the oven, and then admiring its beauty on your kitchen table? When you cook with Xtrema ceramic cookware, this versatile functionality will be your new reality.

When it comes to lightweight cookware that performs well in the oven, on the stovetop, on the table and in the dishwasher, Xtrema ceramic cookware is unbeatable.

Xtrema cookware is the most environmentally friendly line of cooking products on the market today. Our dedication to healthy eating shines through in our innovative, multi -functional ceramic cookware.

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