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Why Choose Ceramic Cookware?

Have you been searching for a healthy alternative to metal non-stick cookware? Worried about what happens when the coating peels and flakes into food?

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The safe choice for your family is Xtrema ceramic cookware.

Don’t use dangerous pans that can emit toxic gases when heated. Our 100% natural ceramic material is environmentally safe.

Xtrema will look brand new from year to year and won’t be damaged with metal utensils. Stop spending time scrubbing dishes; the non-stick surface makes cleaning easy.

How Xtrema Heats up Your Flavor

Want to kick your food up a notch? Xtrema ceramic cookware is the answer. Our ceramic cookware generates far-infrared radiant heat that cooks your food from the inside as well as the outside. This increases nutritional value and highlights subtle tastes. Enjoy consistent cooking performance with Xtrema.

The Many Sides of Ceramic Cookware

Want to save time? Our ceramic cookware can help. Go from freezer to the top of range without defrosting or changing your dish. Xtrema endures it all and can be used everywhere in your kitchen, including your oven, microwave, broiler, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and even your barbecue grill.

With so many benefits and safety advantages, you’ll want to experience the difference Xtrema cookware can have in your cooking.

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