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Ceramic Pots for Cooking are Innovative

Whether you’re a new cook looking for a new set of pots and pans, or you’re an experienced home chef who needs high-performance cookware, Xtrema ceramic cookware is your choice. Unlike other cookware materials such as cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel and copper, Xtrema ceramic cookware is 100% safe, healthy and green. Best of all, ceramic is an incredibly versatile cooking surface that produces juicier, more satisfying meals while using less energy. What could be more innovative than that?

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The Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Difference

Ceramic pots offer many advantages over other cooking choices, such as glass, aluminum, copper, cast iron and stainless steel. Glass can shatter when exposed to temperature changes. Aluminum and stainless steel can emit toxic fumes and release chemicals when heated. PTFE non-stick surfaces can chip and flake. Copper can corrode over time. And heavy cast iron skillets leach heavy metals and require time and maintenance to function properly. If you’re searching for an innovative solution, choose Xtrema ceramic pots for cooking.

Xtrema ceramic sauce pots are made by hand using 100% Earth-friendly and healthy inorganic material. Fired in a kiln to an extraordinary naturally non-scratch ceramic glaze, each Xtrema ceramic sauce pot is incredibly versatile. You can use Xtrema sauce pots on the grill, in the oven, under the broiler, in the freezer and — of course — on the stovetop. When you’re finished, simply put your ceramic sauce pot in the dishwasher. It will come out as good as new — we’re so certain you’ll love Xtrema ceramic cookware that we offer a 50-year warranty on its quality.

Safe Ceramic Pots for Cooking

Stop worrying about your metal bakeware leaching chemicals into your food. Xtrema ceramic pots are created from 100% natural materials that are completely environmentally safe. This green technology yields the safest and HEALTHIEST cooking. Highly durable cooking surface will look brand new from year to year. The non-scratch high gloss surface makes clean up fast and easy. Stop spending your valuable time scrubbing dishes; use Xtrema pots for cooking.

Xtrema products feature a technologically advanced ceramic cooking surface. This ceramic cooking surface enables our cookware to sustain high temperatures, as well as withstand extreme temperature changes. Don’t worry about our product cracking. Xtrema can go from freezer to oven safely. There is no other kind of metal or non-scratch cookware that can withstand everything your kitchen can throw at it with the ease that Xtrema can!

The Best Ceramic Pots for Cooking

Xtrema Cookware generates a highly effective far-infrared heat that simultaneously cooks food from the inside and the outside. This type of heat enhances the subtle textures and natural flavors of your favorite dishes. Ceramic also retains moisture, which means your favorite dishes will be juicier and retain its natural flavors.

Finally, when it comes to use-and-transfer versatility, no other cookware can match Xtrema ceramic sauce pots and pans. Your Xtrema cookware will present beautifully and, because it’s made from ceramic, will keep your foods warm longer. The fact is, when it comes to modern cooking tools, this centuries-old solution is 100% safe, green and healthy.

When you want to want the best, choose Xtrema pots for cooking.

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