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Xtrema Ceramic Stovetop Cookware

Walk into nearly any kitchen in America and chances are you’ll see cookware made from materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron — even dangerous choices such as aluminum and non-stick Teflon. These surfaces have earned a questionable reputation, however — and not just because many of these surfaces release toxins during high-heat cooking. When you choose Xtrema ceramic stovetop cookware, you can avoid the problems commonly associated with metal and non-scratch cookware — and enjoy deliciously prepared meals, beautiful tableside presentation and unbelievably easy cleanup.

Versatile, environmentally friendly, and easy to use - that's Xtrema.

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A 100% Safe, Healthy and Earth-Friendly Alternative to Metal Pots and Pans

Ceramic is a 100% natural cooking surface made from inorganic materials sourced from the Earth’s crust. Heated in a kiln and coated with a nonreactive glaze that is naturally non-scratch, each piece of Xtrema ceramic stovetop cookware is made by specially trained artisans. We hold our high-performance cookware to the highest-quality standards possible. Our ceramic stovetop cookware is handcrafted and offers a healthy cooking alternative to metal non-stick PFOA coated cookware, which can eventually peel and flake.

Xtrema's ceramic stovetop cookware is made with high temperature ceramic, meaning it can withstand the most extreme temperatures used in cooking. Because our cookware is made with inorganic, natural, nonreactive minerals, our line of products is non-scratch and can be used on the stove, in the microwave, and under a broiler. You can even use your Xtrema ceramic sauce pots and pans on your grill and put them in the freezer when you’re finished — they’re that versatile. Whether you’re simmering over low heat or waiting for your water to reach a rapid boil on your burner, you’ll love cooking with Xtrema ceramic cookware.

The Xtrema Difference

The process used in creating our line of products is extensive and highly specialized. Our skilled artisans handcraft every piece of cookware and closely manage each step of the 22-day process. The methods we employ when making our ceramic stovetop cookware use clean, natural gas firing kilns, which make the process as environmentally friendly as possible. When you choose Xtrema ceramic cookware, you’re making the choice to prepare healthier meals for your family, and you’re helping protect the Earth!

When metal cookware is manufactured, the process requires high amounts of energy, usually from fossil fuels, that cause damage to the environment. Also, the final product often has a coating that can have harmful effects, such as chemicals leaching from the cooking surface. Many of these chemicals are toxins proven to cause cancer. At a minimum, you might detect a metallic taste to your food or even notice wear and tear after cooking acidic foods such as tomato. This occurs because metal and non-scratch cookware deteriorates under high heat conditions — ceramic cookware, on the other hand, thrives under high heat to produce incredibly even results under the most intense conditions.

Attractive, practical, and easy to clean

Your set of ceramic stovetop cookware will make you the envy of the neighborhood. With its non-scratch surface, cleaning is incredibly easy and fast. Because it can be used with a wide variety of cooking appliances, your Xtrema products are likely to become the most used cookware in your kitchen. Plus, you can rest assured that your cookware was developed without harming the environment and is safe for all your cooking needs. Our cookware comes with a 10-year warranty against breakage from hot or cold thermal shock. Xtrema offers excellent cooking performance that you will love.

The bottom line is that your new ceramic cookware is the high-performance cookware of your dreams. It’s beautiful on the table. It’s easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand. It produces incredibly even cooking results, stays warmer longer and helps foods stay juicy through better moisture retention. When it comes to the better results you want with the safety you deserve, no metal or non-scratch cookware product can match the performance of Xtrema ceramic stovetop cookware.

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