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Cookware Sets

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  • Xtrema 10 Piece Versa 100% Ceramic Starter Cookware Set

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    Special Price: $ 144.49

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    Colors Available

    Xtrema 10 Piece Versa 100% Ceramic Starter Cookware Set

    Complete with a 1.5-quart saucepan and lid, 7” open skillet, two 5” x 5” silicone pot holders, two silicone handle protectors and a set of three essential cooking utensils, this 10-piece starter kit, available in both midnight black and firebrick red is ideal for anyone starting out on their own who needs the bare necessities in their kitchen.  Even better, the 1.5 quart cover fits the 7" Skillet to make it even more versatile.  

  • The Xtrema Signature Collection - 28 Piece Versa 100% Ceramic Cookware Set

    Regular Price: $649.99

    Special Price: $ 449.99

    You Save: 31%

    Colors Available

    The Xtrema Signature Collection - 28 Piece Versa 100% Ceramic Cookware Set

    This fully loaded 28-piece cooking set, available in midnight black, firebrick red, sky blue, starlite white, and apple green, is the ultimate addition to your kitchen collection with five covered saucepans and lids, four silicone pot holders, two 8” x 8” pot holders, two 5” x 5” pot holders, a six-piece nylon utensil set, a white silicone steamer with lid, and our versatile 10” short handled skillet with lid which is designed to work perfectly on the stove top and in the oven. 

  • Xtrema  Double Boiler/Multi-Pot Set  1.5 QT Traditions Midnight Black 100% Ceramic Saucepan
    $ 149.99

    Xtrema Double Boiler/Multi-Pot Set 1.5 QT Traditions Midnight Black 100% Ceramic Saucepan

    Whether you are melting chocolate or whipping up the perfect batch of fluffy scrambled eggs or hollandaise or special gourmet sauces, this 1.5-quart double boiler has you covered for both personal and family portions. 

    Available this Fall

3 Item(s)

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Every Home Needs a Ceramic Cookware Set

One of the biggest reliefs to any cook is having the right kitchen equipment to get the job done quickly, accurately and conveniently. No wonder ceramic cookware sets from Xtrema are the perfect solution for so many homeowners. Not only can you trust your ceramic cookware set to perform consistently year after year, but you can enjoy knowing all components of your ceramic cookware match, so your set is aesthetically appealing as well.

Safety First

Today, everyone is more concerned about where their food is coming from and what they're putting into their bodies. But did you ever stop and think about how you're cooking your food?

The Teflon found in many nonstick pans, for example, has been linked to cancer. Other pots and pans have been found to leach dangerous chemicals such as lead and cadmium into your food. But Xtrema's ceramic cookware sets are the exception to the rule. We take pride in our ceramic cookware and make it safe to use for you and your family.

All our ceramic cookware sets are 100% environmentally friendly thanks to their make-up. There are zero metals in Xtrema ceramic cookware, so you don’t have to ever be concerned you’re releasing toxins into the recipes you make.

In fact, when creating our ceramic cookware, we use a variety of clay, water and inorganic minerals that you can actually find occurring naturally in the earth's crust. Our ceramic cookware sets are non-toxic and scratch-resistant. Don't worry about peeling or melting whe using our ceramic cookware — it's built to last for years to come!

All-Weather Ceramic Cookware

One of the best parts about our ceramic cookware is that you can take your ceramic cookware pieces anywhere. They're not temperature-sensitive, so they go beautifully from the oven right to the table, or even the refrigerator. Don't worry about searching for mismatched Tupperware lids — you can store your leftovers right in your ceramic cookware. Moreover, when it comes to reheating lunch the next day, don't dirty another dish. You can even pop them in the microwave.

Clean-Up Is a Cinch

After your meal, cleanup is easy with Xtrema ceramic cookware sets. You can hand-wash your non-scratch ceramic cookware or place the pieces into the dishwasher, which is an especially attractive option for those use to delicate cast-iron skillets. And, unlike traditional cookware, ceramic pots, pans, skillets and other equipment they resist holding onto cooked eggs, burnt sugar and charred pasta. Your ceramic cookware set will look like new, and you’ll appreciate how attractive it stays.

Give and Receive Ceramic Cookware

Are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift? How about a present for newlyweds? A ceramic cookware set is a great idea. It’s attractive, practical and economical. Choose from a variety of colors, including some tones that are available seasonally.

And don’t forget to get a ceramic cookware set for yourself when you’re placing your order. You’ll be investing in a ceramic cookware set that’s built to last and ensures the safety and health of the ones you love. It’s time to throw away the metal and replace your old cookware with Xtrema!

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