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Colored Cookware

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3 Item(s)

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Quality Cookware to Fit the Style of Your Kitchen

Many of us inherited our first sets of cookware, only to discover over the years that we ended up with mismatched sets of pots, pans, skillets, woks and more. It’s time to upgrade to Xtrema quality cookware. With a sophisticated appearance and several color palettes to choose from, Xtrema ceramic cookware is the right choice for any style of kitchen. From contemporary, streamlined kitchens to old-world style kitchens with vintage appeal, Xtrema cookware can always fit in.

Find the right colors to suit your kitchen décor and ambiance:

Apple Green. The apple green shade of Xtrema quality cookware items is bright and cheery. You’ll be reminded of the dewy grass on a warm spring morning every time you see the Apple Green. This pairs beautifully with designer kitchens, country kitchens and unique kitchens.

Midnight Black and Starlite White. Are you looking for quality cookware that can absolutely fit in with any interior design? Midnight Black is the go-to color. It’s stunningly simple with a glossy sheen that comes from the finish applied to the ceramic cookware. You’ll appreciate how sophisticated it looks with our new Starlight White color.

Firebrick Red. Looking for quality cookware with a little pizzazz and flash? Firebrick Red is everything you’d want in red ceramic cookware pieces. It’s definitely right for any cook who wants their domain to stand out boldly — great for contemporary kitchens!

Why Xtrema Colored Cookware?

When purchasing Xtrema colored ceramic cookware, you’re getting the very best. With Xtrema, it’s not just cheap pots and pans that will have the fun-colored paint scratching and chipping off before you know it. Our ceramic colored cookware is built to last — just like our original line of ceramic products. Here are just a few of the reasons you should invest in Xtrema:

Safety First

All of our colored ceramic cookware is extremely safe. You won’t find any dangerous metals or nonstick coating that can leach into your food. Xtrema colored cookware is 100% non-toxic and made from water, clay and the same inorganic materials you can find in the earth’s crust.

Durable Products

What’s more, our cookware is durable. In addition to a 10-year warranty against scratches, our colored cookware can also stand up to the heat in your kitchen. While traditional cookware starts to break down and melt at 2,200F, Xtrema can withstand temperatures up to 2,500F.


That same technology also allows our ceramic colored cookware to withstand extreme temperature changes. You can safely take it from the oven to the table to the freezer, cutting down on the number of containers you need to use — and wash. And speaking of washing, all of our Xtrema products are dishwasher-safe!

Enhanced Cooking

Best of all, our colored cookware makes cooking a breeze! Our pots and pans use Ceramic Far Infrared Cooking technology, which enhances flavor and shortens the cooking time and stay hotter longer.

No matter what your preferred color is, you can finally enjoy a matched set of quality cookware from Xtrema. It’s the name to trust when it comes to ceramic pots, pans, skillets, woks and more.

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