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The Advantages of Owning Ceramic Cookware Covers

Every piece of high temp cookware offers you the opportunity to make meals exactly the way you want without worrying about burning due to hot spots. You also won’t have to worry about flaking, non-stick coating or unwanted metals leaching your foods. Now, you can complete the look of any piece of cookware with made-to-fit ceramic cookware covers.

Each ceramic cookware cover we offer has the following features and advantages:

It matches perfectly with our ceramic cookware. You don’t need to worry about it being a different shade or tone.

It is made of the same natural, organic materials as all high temp cookware. This allows you to feel good about purchasing covers for your non-toxic cookware from Xtrema.

It keeps heat in. Whether you want to keep your mother’s traditional chicken soup hot while you’re setting the table, or you’re taking a casserole-style bread pudding to a neighborhood block party and need it to stay warm, your ceramic cookware cover will protect the ambient temperature of the food.

It seals completely. Our ceramic cookware covers not only works wonderfully, but it looks attractive, too!

It can be used at any temperature. Want to freeze a dish for dinner later this week, then use the corresponding ceramic cover to keep the food from getting freezer burn or from being exposed to nasty odors from the freezer.

The Xtrema Difference

If you’re not yet an Xtrema convert, you might be wondering what’s so special about this cookware. Why are our ceramic cookware covers flying off the shelves? Just what are people buying cookware covers to protect, you might wonder. Well, the simple answer is pots and pans like you’ve never had before. Here are just a handful of benefits that come with owning Xtrema ceramic cookware:

They’re safe: We mentioned that Xtrema cookware and cookware covers don’t have metals that leach or nonstick coating that flakes, but did you know that they’re completely all-natural and non-toxic? Our products are made with a mix of water, clay and inorganic materials you can find in the earth’s crust. And pans are 100% ceramic inside and out!

They’re multipurpose: One of the most celebrated features of our ceramic cookware and corresponding cookware covers is the fact that they handle extreme temperature changes. That means you can bake your meal, place the pan right on the table for dinner, and then put the leftovers in the fridge or freezer. Talk about convenient!

They’re easy to clean: If you’re used to cast-iron cookware, you might be concerned about how to clean your Xtrema cookware and cookware covers. But, unlike other pots and pans sets, Xtrema is completely dishwasher safe. No need to hand-wash, scrub and soak your pans after a meal. Clean up is just as easy as cooking with our line of ceramic products.

Order your eco-friendly ceramic cookware covers today and start enjoying food the way it was meant to taste — all-natural and utterly delicious!

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