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Get the Benefits of Ceramic Dinnerware

When you think of ceramic cookware and related items, don’t forget about dishes and plates for your table setting. Ceramcor has an exclusive line of Ameriwhite® ceramic dinnerware in a pure white ceramic gloss that’s ideal for everyday use, as well as for special occasions.

To fulfill any need you might have in the kitchen or on your dining room table, we offer a variety of styles ranging from plates and platters to serving bowls and coffee mugs. The pieces combine form and function, so they’re not just another set of pretty ceramic dinnerware. Unlike others, our ceramic dinnerware is made of durable, restaurant-quality ceramic materials built to last.

Plus, all the ceramic dinnerware we sell comes with a five-year chip resistant warranty. That means that if your ceramic plates, ceramic bowls or other ceramic dinnerware chip because of normal day-to-day use during the first five years, we will replace them for free — without a hassle! We stand behind the quality of our ceramic dinnerware.

You’ll love your Ameriwhite® ceramic dinnerware because of its unique features:

It is lightweight. Even though our ceramic dinnerware is made of high-quality materials, it’s not heavy like other ceramic products. The lightweight plates, platters and bowls can be loaded up in the kitchen and carried to your dining room with ease. You certainly won’t have to be a professional weightlifter to pass our products around the table. And, since they’re both durable and lightweight, you can easily stack and store our ceramic dinnerware in your cabinets.

It matches any décor or style. Why hunt for dinnerware to match the design of your kitchen, only to have it become outdated in very little time? Our Ameriwhite® items will give you years of pleasure and will always look spectacular, whether your tastes are classic or contemporary.

It is made from natural in organic ceramic materials that can withstand extreme temperature. Ameriwhite® ceramic dinnerware, can handle going from the microwave to the refrigerator and back to the oven without losing its durability. What other ceramic dinnerware can do all that? Our products also offer supreme heat retention, which will keep your dishes piping hot when your family returns for seconds!

It is easy to clean. Ceramic is a non-porous material, which means that your ceramic dinnerware won’t stain or hold onto food smells and tastes. It’s a cleaner, more sanitary choice. Plus, our ceramic dinnerware is dishwasher-safe, which makes clean-up after big family meals a breeze. No one will be stuck hand-washing dishes instead of enjoying the big game after Thanksgiving dinner again this year!

It won’t chip when you use regular utensils. Some dinnerware is so delicate that it can be damaged by typical forks, spoons and knives. But not Ameriwhite® ceramic dinnerware. You can cut your steak into delectable pieces and spoon up the last delicious mouthfuls of grandmother’s stew without worrying about the pressure you’re putting against your plate or bowl and any resulting chips or scratches.

Enjoy all the benefits of ceramic cookware and dinnerware for yourself, and discover why Ameriwhite® is the most eco-friendly choice in dinnerware.

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