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Xtrema and the Benefits of Cooking Green

If you think you have to use unsafe, chemically coated cookware to enjoy the benefits of non-stick cooking, take a look at Xtrema. Our 100 percent green, natural ceramic cookware not only sets the standard in versatility and durability, but cleaning and maintenance couldn't be simpler.

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Why Cooking Green Is Important

Cooking green is about more than choosing organic, locally sourced vegetables and banishing processed foods from your diet. It is about even more than eliminating hazardous nonstick cookware, which when scratched and pitted releases dangerous carcinogens into your food. True green cooking includes everything from the production of the cookware to the production of your dinner.

Traditional nonstick cookware is coated with PTFE and PFOA, a substance the Environmental Protection Agency reports is a likely carcinogen. Unlike traditional nonstick cookware, our revolutionary ceramic non-scratch natural ceramic cookware does not contain either a PTFE or FROA coating. That means you can create masterful home cooked meals in your kitchen without worrying about harming yourself and your family.

Xtrema is Bacteria-Resistant

Even better, our non-scratch surface is highly resistant to bacteria. That means dangerous, illness-causing bacteria is less likely to wind up on your dinner plate. Traditional cookware can trap these harmful bacteria after reacting with food; because Xtrema is non-reactive, you’ll never have to worry about the generations-old, family recipe spaghetti sauce you’re enjoying now causing stomach upset later.

Safe for the Environment

At Ceramcor, we believe that responsible companies care for their customers and employees as well as the environment. As part of our commitment to support responsible environmental stewardship, our manufacturing facilities use clean burning and safe natural gas.

Safe for Our Customers

Xtrema manufactures our Xtrema line of natural ceramic cookware with inorganic minerals found in the earth’s crust. Because the material in our cookware wasn’t created from chemicals in a lab that means Xtrema natural ceramic cookware is safer for you and your family.

Over time, cookware made from aluminum deteriorates, which can release toxins into the environment. Nickel and chromium leak into food and can cause illness. That is why practitioners of holistic health recommend eliminating this style of cookware from the modern kitchen.

Eliminating the Negatives

Even professional-quality cookware made from copper easily reacts with certain foods and can leach harmful chemicals into your diet unsuspectingly. Plus, copper isn’t naturally nonstick — so in addition to increasing your risk of health problems from exposure to unsafe chemicals, you have to spend extra time cleaning up, too.

And, unlike Xtrema, did we mention that copper is neither dishwasher nor microwave safe?

Making the Right Choice for You - Your Family and the Environment

Chances are you spend a significant amount of time planning your meals and deciding between organic products and their less safe, mass-manufactured alternatives. Why waste time and money choosing organic foods if you are just going to cook them on non-green cookware?

Choose Xtrema natural ceramic cookware instead and discover the benefits of cooking green. Our high performance line of cookware, bakeware and more will keep you and your kitchen running as healthfully as possible.

Bring versatile and durable all-around natural ceramic Xtrema into your home and discover the unique benefits of cooking green today.

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