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What is the Healthiest Cookware?

When looking at our Xtrema line, many individuals wonder what makes Xtrema the healthiest cookware. The answer is simple: we produce the healthiest cookware because Xtrema is manufactured using only all natural, non-toxic ingredients that will not flake or peel. This means that unlike certain non-stick coatings, Xtrema cookware will not contaminate your food or release chemicals or gases during cooking. Because of the toxic PFOA coating, most “healthy cookware” is not healthy at all.As a matter of fact, the EPA has classified this chemical compound used to make PFOA as a “likely carcinogen.”

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Metal cookware, and even stainless steel, can leach harmful chemicals into our foods. Ceramcor’s Xtrema cookware and bakeware is non-reactive—no chemicals or gasses are released while cooking. Other cookware is porous and traps food in microscopic pores that open up upon heating. This promotes bacteria growth. Nothing penetrates Xtrema ‘s safe, non-porous surface.

No wonder it’s known as the healthiest cookware!

Benefits of Xtrema – The Healthiest Cookware

Unlike cast iron cookware, Xtrema is lightweight, dishwasher safe and offers excellent heat distribution for even cooking throughout so you don’t have to worry about burning or scorching due to hot spots.

The non-scratch, high-gloss coating makes cleanup a breeze for the busy cook and you don’t need special products for cleaning purposes. Our Xtrema ceramic cookware is not only the healthiest cookware, but it’s also very durable. Tough enough to stand up to Brillo pads and most types of cleaning products, Xtrema cookware is low maintenance and requires minimal care to keep it gleaming.

The natural properties of ceramic will keep your cooked food warm long after you have turned off the burner, so that your timing while feeding your family or entertaining friends won’t always have to be spot-on and you can enjoy yourself. With Xtrema you can relax the pace without fretting about the food getting cold.

Ceramic is currently used in medicine for hip replacements, as engine parts, and for space shuttle tiles for its heat capabilities, durability and lightweight properties. No wonder why we decided to use it when making our healthiest cookware line ever.

Made from 100% natural and environmentally safe materials, Xtrema is not just known as the healthiest cookware, it also:

Handles high temperatures with ease

Glass can shatter when subjected to high temperatures, while stainless steel and aluminum can emit toxic fumes, copper can corrode, and heavy metals from cast iron can leach into food. Xtrema ceramic cookware is technologically advanced and can withstand temperatures up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, without altering the composition of the food you feed your family. Because food continues to cook after removing pans from the heat source, you can reduce cooking time and conserve electricity with this high performance cookware.

Versatile and durable, Xtrema easily withstands extreme temperatures and can go from microwave, to freezer, to dishwasher safely and without cracking.

Fast and easy clean up

Xtrema's non-scratch glaze saves you valuable time and keeps your cookware looking new. Clean up is a snap and there’s no need for scrubbing or scraping. Simply wipe clean the safe, surface and you’re on your way, or even better, place it in the dishwasher. All Xtrema cookware is dishwasher safe.

Aesthetically pleasing

Very little cookware maintains its appearance after being used time and time again, but Xtrema looks great year after year, no matter how hard you use it. It’s very attractive high gloss black finish will look great in your kitchen, so not only is it the healthiest cookware - it's the most stylish too!


You can cook with Xtrema on just about any surface imaginable—gas stovetops, electric, BBQ grills; you name it. Our cookware retains more heat from any surface and any heat source and virtually eliminates the need for reheating.

Guaranteed durability

Xtrema's 10-year warranty speaks for itself. Not only is it the healthiest cookware, it's the cookware with the best guarantee.

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