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Why Xtrema is Made in China -- 20 Million Reasons

Letter From Our Founder

We are an American company and unfortunately we tried for over 3 years to find an American company that could make our Xtrema ceramic cookware and there was not one company that could or was willing to make our very unique ceramic cookware. That is still true today, 6 years later. For that reason we believe that to provide you with the very best in product quality and performance we decided to make our Xtrema products where the finest ceramics in the world are made: mainland China.

On a personal note, I also believe it is important to let you know that the Chinese fought alongside our Americans soldiers in World War II. It was also their effort that help turn the tide of the war. We lost 420,000 American soldiers in that awful but necessary war. The Chinese lost 20,000,000 million lives in the same war. As an American, I am honored to work alongside of the Chinese people once again.

Every individual piece of Xtrema cookware is handcrafted and it takes each and every individual piece 22 days to make and complete. It takes artisans years to develop the skill and technique required to make our very high quality Xtrema products.

  • Chinese artisans have been manufacturing ceramics for over 5,000 years.
  • China is the #1 ceramic manufacturing country in the entire world.
  • China has an abundance of highly trained and skilled ceramic artisans.
  • China has built new facilities and have installed state of the art machinery.
  • The raw materials needed to make innovative ceramic products are all readily available in China.

Our cookware is the healthiest cookware on the planet. Our Xtrema ceramic products are 100% Green, 100% Non Toxic, 100% Safe, 100% Healthy; they contain no PFOA coating, produce no PFOA gas or odors and contain no heavy metals, lead or cadmium. We have independent worldwide labs testing our products at all times and we guarantee our products' health and safety. We have done extensive leaching tests on our cookware; we leach no lead and cadmium or any heavy metals of any kind and meet all California Prop 65 Testing Standards. We publish our test results on our web site and we know of no other cookware company anywhere in the world that provides that level of accountability.

The Chinese ceramics industry has a long and proud history with over 5,000 years in producing ceramics. As a result China is the # 1 ceramics-making country in the world.

In recent years, China’s ceramics industry has developed rapidly and now produces 70% of the world’s total output of ceramic products. The output of daily ceramics, building ceramics and sanitary ceramics in China is ranked number one in the world, and the export of ceramic products continues to increase each year.

As the research and application for hi-tech ceramics in China are still in the beginning stages, the related market prospect is very promising. In the coming years, the daily sales of ceramics from China are projected to maintain a steady growth while building ceramic and sanitary ceramic should see a considerable market as well.

Thank you so much for inquiring about our Xtrema products; we hope you enjoy your Xtrema cooking experience.

God's Blessings to you and your family,

Richard Bergstrom — Founder —Ceramcor, LLC


Chinese Ceramics: The Best in the World

China is renowned the world over for crafting the world’s finest ceramics. And that’s exactly where we went to find the skilled artisans we needed to create our one-of-a-kind cookware.

5,000 Years of History

Xtrema ceramic cookware is unique, extraordinarily versatile, and made to the highest quality standards. We are committed to providing our customers with a health and Earth-friendly product that will withstand decades of safe everyday use. Our American-owned company partners with Chinese artisans who are highly trained and exceptionally skilled at creating Xtrema ceramic cookware.

For over 5,000 years China has made the world’s most respected ceramics and is still the top manufacturer of ceramics on Earth. Unlike other ceramics factories, our Chinese ceramics partner has brand new facilities that contain state-of-the-art, eco-conscious equipment.

Our cookware will never leach unsafe chemicals or gases into your food or air, and we test to strict California Prop 65 Testing Standards. Check out our test results, and we think you’ll see there is no other cookware company in the world that takes the safety and quality of their product as seriously as we do.

Proud to Partner With the Artisans Who Make Xtrema Exceptional

We are proud and delighted to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase our ceramic cookware, which provides incredible durability, use and transfer capability, and safe and eco-conscious manufacturing practices, all in a beautiful, tabletop-ready design. The bottom line? You won’t ever have to sacrifice quality, safety or durability when you choose Xtrema ceramic cookware.

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