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Making Xtrema - Safe, Green & Healthy

See for Yourself How Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Is Made

Xtrema ceramic cookware is safe, green and healthy — and because we believe in transparency, we’d like you to see exactly how our incredibly versatile cookware is made. Here’s a hint: it’s not anything like your elementary school art class.

How We Make Xtrema ceramic cookware

We handcraft every piece of ceramic cookware using inorganic natural materials that come right from the Earth’s crust. These natural minerals and water combine and harden to a durable sheen that won’t chip or scratch. Because we use clean-burning and safe natural gas in our manufacturing plant, you can relax knowing your new ceramic cookware won’t harm your family or damage the environment. From the broiler to the table to the dishwasher, freezer and beyond, Xtrema ceramic cookware is unparalleled when it comes to safety, eco-consciousness and durability.

A Unique Clay Formula

Xtrema ceramic cookware is made from inorganic natural materials born right in the Earth’s crust. Our unique ceramic clay formula is a proprietary blend that makes it incredibly durable and safe. After firing it’s also naturally non-scratch, and it will never leach unwanted and unsafe chemicals into your kitchen.

Once we mix the ceramic clay, we shape the clay into the desired mold with a high-pressure cast. During the drying process, our quality control inspectors examine the molds for cracks and other deformities. Our artisans’ hand-polish each piece, then wash and smooth the cookware with water in preparation for firing. Following another rigorous quality control inspection, we fire the molds, then allow time for cooling. A second cleaning and third inspection follow, after which our artisans glaze each piece by hand.

Once the glazing process is complete our inspectors examine each piece again before the second kiln firing. A fifth inspection follows, and finally each Xtrema ceramic cookware piece is stamped. Further firing and polishing follows before the final inspection, which occurs as our partners pack every piece carefully for shipment. From start to finish, each Xtrema ceramic cookware piece takes nearly three weeks to complete, during a rigorous, labor-intensive process.

Make Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Your Choice

Our unique ceramic clay formula and superior manufacturing practices form the basis for the quality of Xtrema ceramic cookware. Our cookware is Earth-friendly, 100% nontoxic, scratchproof, able to withstand extreme temperatures, dishwasher safe, and beautiful enough to use for serving. From storage to serving and back again, no other cookware can match Xtrema.

It’s Easy Being Green With Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

From recycling plastic bottles to repurposing once-throwaway items elsewhere in the home, we all want to do our part for the environment. With Xtrema ceramic cookware, you can go one step further when you make our sauce pots, pans and bakeware your choice for healthy at-home cooking.

Save Energy, Save Time

Not only do we manufacture our ceramic cookware using earth-friendly materials and practices, the nature of ceramic itself makes it ideal for cooking, baking and storing all kinds of foods. Ceramic’s naturally tough surface means it won’t leach unsafe chemicals into your food — chemicals demonstrated to cause cancer.

Also, ceramic’s exceptional heat retention and distribution properties mean Xtrema will keep your food warmer for longer periods, saving you money on your energy bill as well as your valuable time. Plus, because you can store your prepared dishes in the same containers you cook them in, you’ll save energy with reduced washing too.

Incredible Versatility in Modern Cookware

We have improved a material used in kitchens for thousands of years — ceramic. Our lightweight cookware is unmatched in terms of versatility, durability and ease of use. When it comes to use-and-transfer capability, no other cookware can match Xtrema.

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