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Non Toxic Cookware


Non Toxic Cookware

When it comes to making great food, nothing beats working with non-toxic ceramic cookware. You can tell the difference almost immediately. That is because ceramic has all the key features that define great, nontoxic cookware, and having the right utensils and tools for the right job, be it baking, searing, or sautéing, can make the difference between a beautifully composed dish and a broken and burnt mess.

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There is no denying when you have safe, non-toxic cookware to work with, your completed dishes always taste their best. The wrong cookware, especially toxic cookware made from materials that can leach into your dishes, can alter the taste, stick to your food, and even make it hazardous to eat.

That is why, whether you’re an at-home cook with a family to feed or a seasoned chef with hundreds of customers, having the right safe, non-toxic cookware to work with is the first step toward pristine dishes that are creative, tasty and, most of all, healthy. Below we will discuss what makes ceramic cookware the best option when picking out healthy, non-toxic cookware, and the many benefits that come with using it.

The Markers of Great and Safe Non Toxic Cookware

No matter what material, great pieces of cookware share key universal features that make them ideal to use. Many forms of cookware have some but not all of these features. However, Xtrema’s 100% ceramic cookware has all these features, making it the best choice when picking out the right cookware to use.

To begin, let’s talk about what makes great pieces of non-toxic cookware great. They are:

Key Features
      1. Versatile

    Great pieces of healthy non-toxic cookware can go from the stove top to the oven to the grill, microwave or dishwasher without complications. For starters, you deserve cookware that fits your needs, and one of the most annoying things customers report is not being able to use certain pots and pans throughout the kitchen. Xtrema cookware specially offers this versatility, without risking quality or breaking down into your food.

      2. Non-Toxic Cookware

    The right cookware should have zero change of toxicity or reactivity when used correctly. In the past, we’ve had to make do with potentially toxic cookware simply because it was easily available. For Teflon, we simply didn’t know how toxic it really was for decades. However, consumers have wised up and demanded cookware that is durable, non-scratch and safe to use.

    Today, these types of cookware that contain toxic materials are no longer the only option, and as we are recognizing their flaws, they are falling out of fashion and making way for safer, less-high-maintenance cookware. You deserve cookware that does not come with potential health risks when used.

      3. Heat Retentive

    Great bakeware should be able to cook different foods evenly without sticking or burning in spots. Great cookware, especially ceramic cookware, instead distributes heat evenly across the cooking surface, for even and delicious cooking, and the difference is immediately noticeable.

    The best feeling is knowing exactly what cookware to use, and what particular heat setting works well with it to create the best dishes, and that feeling comes from having the right cookware. You deserve cookware that gives you that feeling, as well as a kitchen that has non-toxic pans and helps you create the perfect dishes every time.

      4. Durable

    Great cookware is an investment that can be handed down for generations. Although the initial investment may seem a little steep, the price is often an indicator of the care and time invested in making a piece that will last you for years to come. If budget is an issue, one way you can build your cookware arsenal is to buy the pieces separately over time, until you have a basic set of pieces depending on your needs.

      5. Well Designed

    Although not a direct requirement for healthy, non-toxic cookware that is safe and easy to use, you will find that the best pieces of cookware are designed in ways that are stylish and eye-catching, made with usability in mind. This is an important feature to notice, because cookware that looks good and feels good to use is often an indicator of the time and patience that went into creating it.

    If you come across pieces of cookware that looks pretty but feels flimsy in your hand, don’t let yourself be fooled. It can be tempting to spend money on something off-price and pretty, but the chances if it lasting are not in your favor.

      6. Have Great Reviews

    The marker of a great product is, of course, customer satisfaction. If you’re still on the fence about what non-toxic pots and pans to buy, a quick, easy way to inform yourself is to see what other people who have used them have to say about them. Just like when you’ve got a great piece of clothing you love and can’t stop talking about, fans of great cookware will want to spread the word. So if you’re still not sure, simple see what others have to say.

Non Toxic Cookware

Consumers shopping for cookware have no shortage of choices. They can select just about anything, from old-fashioned cast-iron to newer non-stick surfaces, and anything in between. All have their benefits. Aluminum offers even heat distribution. Stainless steel is durable and light-weight. PFOA Non-stick is, well, non-stick!

Avoid the Dangers of Hidden Toxins with Non Toxic Cookware

There are, however, hidden toxins in most types of cookware. While most of these materials will be undetectable in the flavor of your food and may be harmless to your occasional dinner guests, you and your family will be eating food cooked in your pots and pans every day.

This means that if your cookware’s material is home to any enemies of your body’s healthy function, you are giving it a chance to build a critical mass in your system. In fact, PFOA, the chemical used in non-stick cookware, has been flagged by the Environmental Protection Agency after being found to kill pet birds. The EPA has called it a “likely carcinogen” and manufacturers will eliminate it by 2015.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on non-toxic cookware that is proven to contain no dangerous materials?

Of course you would.

Xtrema’s non-toxic cookware offers 100% green, eco-friendly cookware that is safe for your family and the environment.

Why Cookware Can be Toxic and Why You Should Use Non-Toxic Cookware

Most cookware is made of metal, and thus, has a metal cooking surface. While this may be safe in some cooking circumstances, many of these metals, even stainless steel, can leach out when cooking at higher temperatures, or can make their way into your food when scratched by a cooking utensil.

While the body depends on trace amounts of certain metals for healthy function, a buildup of metals in the body, even from such tiny emissions, over time can disrupt vital-organ function and block the metabolism of oxygen and nutrients in cells. Nickel, in particular, is a toxic metal that can leach from stainless steel. Non-stick cookware has a surface treated with synthetic materials that are easily scratched and that can leach harmful chemicals into your food.

Traditional cookware can also be dangerous in another way. The surface can be compromised by acidic foods. That leads to pots and pans trapping food particles, odors, and tastes from foods cooked in them over time. Xtrema’s non-toxic cookware resists bacteria and is immune to this, which means safer cooking for your family.

The Most Toxic Cookware Materials

Most Toxic Cookware

The great thing is in this new age of technology and information, we have been able to develop great products and talk more about their pros and cons than ever before. In part, this is possible because of the Internet, but for a long time, our ancestors had to go by trial and error. Because of this, we used potentially unsafe cookware for decades because options were limited. Below is a list of the most toxic cookware you will find in a kitchen, and why you should stay as far away from it as possible.


Although most copper cookware often has some sort of protective surface to keep it from reacting with the food you’re cooking, copper cookware requires diligent maintenance to keep this from happening. Copper pots and pans are often lined with stainless steel, meaning you are essentially cooking with stainless steel cookware that has some of the added conductivity benefits of copper.

However, older copper pieces of cookware have been lined with lead as well, so that there is no telling if heirloom pieces that have been handed down are safe to use, even with the appropriate lining. Even so, copper can leach into food and is toxic if consumed in large quantities. Copper cookware also needs to be relined every few years, making it high-maintenance and potentially dangerous if neglected.

Cast Iron

Cast iron has been around for generations and is often the go-to for long-lasting cookware. However, cast iron creates a lot of pollution when manufactured and can lead to iron poisoning for people with high levels of iron in their system. Cast iron requires more diligent and daily maintenance than any of the other forms of cookware.

Cast iron pieces should not be washed with soap or placed in the dishwasher, since these cleaning methods can scratch the surface and damage the iron coating, and instead should be wiped down with a damp cloth. To keep from rusting, cast iron cookware should be seasoned regularly, a process that requires oil, time and high temperatures. Lastly, cast iron is heavy and difficult to handle, as it requires strength and extras accessories to handle safely, costing you more money and time.


The last and most notorious type of the toxic cookware is, of course, Teflon. Today we know Teflon is toxic to produce and toxic to use, but when it was first discovered, Teflon was everywhere. It was used to coat carpets, clothing and, still today, cookware.

But Teflon has fallen out of fashion because of the very real health risks it poses. Starting at temperatures of 260°C (500°F), Teflon can give off fumes that can cause flu-like symptoms and even kill pet birds. Needless to say, your cookware should not come with the risk of killing you.

Ceramic: The Non Toxic Cookware Alternative

A better cooking alternative is ceramic non-toxic cookware from Ceramcor. Ceramic cookware is extremely durable and resists scratching. More importantly, however, is that the ceramic glaze is inert and chemically non-reactive, even in conditions of up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that, when used in harsh cooking conditions, ceramic non-toxic cookware is not going to break down or “off-gas” dangerous matter into the air, or more importantly, into your food

Xtrema cookware from Ceramcor is non-toxic cookware you can depend on for healthy cooking!

The Benefits of Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is the best choice when picking out healthy, non-toxic pieces of cookware. Ceramics have been around for almost as long as human history, and continue to be part of our society and culture. The benefits are many.

  • Xtrema Cookware Is 100% Green
  • It is made using natural processes and natural materials, making it safe to use and safe for the Earth.

  • Xtrema Cookware Is Low-Maintenance and Easy to Clean
  • No complicated processes or “seasoning” methods are needed to use or clean safely. Simply place a pan or baking dish in the dishwasher with your other cookware and utensils, and you’re all set.

  • Xtrema Cookware Is Practical
  • Xtrema cookware needs minimal heat. Don’t start with high temperatures; instead, once you reach the desired temperature, turn the heat down. The ceramic retains heat well and stays hotter longer, keeping your food warm long after the stove is off.

  • Xtrema Cookware Is User Friendly
  • No worrying about using the right utensils with the right materials with ceramic cookware. Use the utensils you prefer, knowing they won’t damage or react with your ceramic cookware.

  • Xtrema Cookware Brings the Best Out in Food
  • Xtrema cookware has been proven to cook food from the inside as well from the outside, bringing out the best in your dishes.

  • Xtrema Cookware Is Non-Reactive
  • You will not find toxins, lead, aluminum, copper or any other metals in this cookware, just 100% green and natural inorganic materials that will not alter the taste of your food.

    Exposure to aluminum or other metals over time has been linked to several neurological problems, including Alzheimer’s disease. Stainless steel contains nickel, suspected of being highly carcinogenic.

    Xtrema’s non-toxic cookware has not been linked to any of these serious problems.

  • Xtrema Cookware Is Healthy
  • Xtrema cookware is bacteria and stain resistant, so previous dishes will not linger or be absorbed into other foods. Your finished dish will be clean and free from contamination, making it the right choice for your family.

  • Xtrema Cookware Is Durable
  • With a glaze coating that is fired at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, Xtrema cookware is built to last, without flaking or seeping into food.

    You want durable, non-toxic cookware that is going to last you years. Xtrema won’t scratch. And it’s built to withstand extreme, sudden temperature changes, which gives you the freedom to take our products from stove to table to refrigerator and then right back to the stove.

    In the rare event your Xtrema non-toxic cookware breaks from thermal shock in the next 10 years, we will replace it at no charge to you. This decade warranty is just one example of our extreme commitment to quality.

  • Xtrema Cookware Is Stylish
  • Made with intelligent design in mind, Xtrema cookware is both eye-catching and stylish, making it not only easy to use but enjoyable as well.

  • Xtrema Cookware Is All You Need
  • Because of its versatility, Xtrema cookware allows you to make complete dishes with minimal mess. You can make a stew in a piece of Xtrema cookware, serve and store it, all in one pot.

Why Xtrema Cookware is a Safe Alternative

Xtrema non-toxic ceramic cookware has a ceramic cooking surface that is free of harmful metals and chemicals. Ceramic cookware does not leach during cooking, even at extremely high temperatures. Ceramic non-toxic cookware from Xtrema is also hard enough to be scratch-proof, guaranteeing that there is never anything leaching into your food.

It’s easy to see that Xtrema ceramic cookware is a non-toxic cookware alternative to metal and PFOA non-stick pots and pans.

No Leaching

Ceramic Cookware: A Lifestyle Change

We live in a time when many health-conscious people are taking greater interest in the foods they eat and feed to their families. More and more, people want to know that they are doing all they can to make sure that their foods are free of harmful toxins and chemicals that, over time, can do untold harm to their bodies.

But what about the pots and pans they use to cook their food? Many consumers are still unaware that their cookware could be taking the healthy foods they have painstakingly sought out and turning them into less-than-wholesome meals.

Xtrema cookware from Ceramcor is safe, non-toxic ceramic cookware that avoids the health hazards of aluminum, stainless steel, iron or some types of non-stick cookware.

Xtrema non-toxic cookware will also make your food taste better. Xtrema uses far-infrared heating, which cooks your food from the inside and the outside at the same time. That means you won’t make your meat tough on the outside while waiting for the inside to lose its pink. And you won’t over season your food to cover up a poorly prepared meal, which means less sodium and healthier food for your family. Plus, because our non-toxic cookware products really are non-stick, you’ll use less fattening oil and butter to keep your food from sticking to the pan.

Leaving old habits behind can be daunting for many, even if it’s to their own benefit. Although making the lifestyle change and switching over to 100% ceramic cookware is in our best interest, there are many excuses, some very valid, as to why changing an entire kitchen over might be a huge undertaking. Below, we have the most common excuses, along with some real answers that will help you make the right choice.

      1. I Don’t Have The Money

    Yes, we know buying new cookware can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Think about the pieces of cookware you use now. How many do you use with regularity? If you’re anything like most people, chances are you have one or two “go-to” pieces you use all the time. That’s good. Replace those first. It all starts with one piece, which soon can grow to two and three. Don’t turn over your entire kitchen if you can’t. Simply change the pieces you use regularly for now.

      2. I Don’t Cook Much

    Sure, but when you do, don’t you want to it to be a success? Chances are, people who don’t cook regularly simply don’t have the time or feel they’re not very good at it. For both types, consider picking up a 100% ceramic Dutch oven from Xtrema. With a Dutch oven, you can add ingredients and cook on the stove or in the oven on low, and come home to a fragrant, fully cooked meal. It’s error proof. After the first time, you will wonder why you haven’t been doing this your entire life.

      3. I Wouldn’t Know Where to Start

    A 10-piece set is a great way to start furnishing your kitchen with the right tools. Remember it’s not so much about making you cook more, but about having the right, safe, non-toxic cookware at your disposal, so that when you do decide to cook, your health is not put in jeopardy.

      4. I Don’t Believe The Hype

    An active member of the Potter’s Council, The American Ceramic Society, the Ceramic Industry, Ceramics Arts Daily, Green America, as well as the recipient of the Healthier Alternatives Trustworthy Brands Seal of Approval, Xtrema is a legitimate product with your health in mind.

Try Out Healthy, Non Toxic Ceramic Cookware Today

Take the first step to improve your cookware, and your cooking will follow. Someday you will wonder why you used anything else.

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