Metal Cookware Competitors Fail Their Tests: Contains Heavy Metals

Xtrema Cookware Passes Their Tests: Does NOT Contain Lead or Heavy Metals


Xtrema Compared to Metal Cookware?

Although it’s true that metal cookware is the most popular choice for sauce pots, pans and bakeware in America, we believe that’s because most people don’t understand the dangers of using these products. The fact is, when it comes to safety, durability and versatility, there is no match for Xtrema ceramic cookware.

PFOA Cookware

Chances are, if you like to cook — or at least like to eat — you’ve seen typical PFOA cookware. PFOA cookware is coated with a slippery surface that heats quickly and cleans easily. Unfortunately, because PFOA is not durable under even moderate heat, unsafe chemicals leach into prepared food every time you cook. Multiple studies demonstrate that PFOA causes a huge range of serious health problems in animals, including cancer.

Other Cookware, Other Dangers

PFOA cookware isn’t the only troublesome product in your kitchen. Aluminum is a factor in Alzheimer’s and has been linked to autism. Copper, iron and stainless steel not only react to certain foods, they also leach chemicals after exposure to high heat, leaving foods with an unpleasant metallic taste. The bottom line is cookware that contains synthetic chemicals and metals is dangerous to your health and is often not manufactured with Earth-friendly practices.

Rigorously Tested for Quality and Safety

Xtrema ceramic cookware is not only handcrafted using a unique ceramic clay formula that is 100% natural, we also use Earth-friendly manufacturing practices that assure minimal impact on the environment. We rigorously inspect and test our cookware to ensure its safety, quality and durability. Unlike other cookware manufacturers, we also post the results of our tests for our customers to review.

When you choose Xtrema ceramic cookware, you are choosing versatility, safety, durability and eco-friendliness. What could be healthier or more responsible?

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