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Cookware Sale

Cookware Sale

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The Many Benefits of Buying Xtrema's On Sale Ceramic Cookware

When it comes to choosing new cookware for your kitchen, experienced home cooks know the best products offer a blend of durability, use and transfer capability, easy cleanup and safe manufacturing practices. Xtrema's sale ceramic cookware offers home cooks all of these benefits and more. Not to mention the great prices!

Lightweight Cookware on Sale

Have you ever struggled to lift a heavy cast iron casserole or roasting pan out of the oven? If so, then you understand the benefits of lightweight cookware. Unfortunately, lightweight cookware often leaves much to be desired in terms of heat retention, chemical reactions and durability. With Xtrema, our on sale cookware cannot be scratched and it is lightweight, making it suitable for cooks of all ages and abilities.

Safe, Inorganic Cookware on Sale

Many types of nonstick cookware are coated with PFOA, a dangerous toxin that causes serious health problems — including cancer — in animals. When you cook with PFOA-coated nonstick sauce pots and pans, you release these toxins into your kitchen. Ceramic cookware is completely non-reactive. You won’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into your food or air.

Unmatched Versatility

Would you ever put a stainless steel, copper or PFOA nonstick sauce pot in your oven? How about your freezer or your dishwasher? Probably not — but we craft our ceramic cookware to withstand incredibly high and low temperatures, making it unmatched in terms of versatility and durability. From stovetop to table to freezer, our ceramic cookware is versatile -- and on sale!

Use and Transfer Capability

The beautiful sheen and versatile design makes Xtrema perfect for a wide range of kitchen styles. Store it in the freezer, put it in the oven and bring it right to the table — Xtrema’s good looks give our cookware the edge when it comes to use and transfer capability.

The Eco-Conscious Choice

Perhaps best of all, we handcraft Xtrema ceramic cookware using Earth-friendly practices and natural, inorganic materials — never with synthetic chemicals. That means the unsafe chemicals and heavy metals you might find in traditional cookware won't have the chance to leach into your delicious food and make your family sick. Xtrema is better for you and better for the Earth. What could be a safer choice than that? And now, with our cookware on sale, you can be eco-friendly for even less!

No Chemical Taste

Your cooking wont have weird tastes or smells because of the pans and pots you make it in. While some cookware is made with a mix of metal — including cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum and copper — along with other ingredients that can cause weird chemical reactions every time you put it on the stove, Xtrema's ceramic cookware will preserve the integrity of your ingredients.

No Mystery Flakes

Many companies use Teflon to create their nonstick cookware. Researchers have found that Teflon can actually cause or increase your risk of cancer. Xtrema has its cookware on sale, making now the perfect time to make the switch. Say goodbye to scratched and chipped chemical laden non-stick cookware pans that can leach toxins into your food

But don't take our word for it! Try Xtrema ceramicc cookware for yourself today!

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