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Safe Cookware From Ceramcor

You protect your family in various ways, from proper car seats when they’re babies, to helmets when they’re old enough to ride bikes. Did you know that metal and non-stick cookware can endanger the health of your family? Safe cookware should also be somewhere near the top of your list. Ceramcor makes a product called Xtrema that is the ultimate when it comes to safe cookware! You’ll not find anything better!

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Why Safe Cookware Is Important To You

You prepare healthful food for your family every day, so you need safe cookware. Unfortunately, most cookware simply isn’t safe. Metal cookware leaches chemicals such as nickel, chromium, aluminum, carbon and others into your food, negating your best efforts at healthy meal preparation. Non-stick cookware coated with PTFE breaks down at high temperatures, causing harmful toxins to be released into food. Xtrema’s safe cookware is altogether natural, with zero chemicals or metals.

Why Safe Cookware Is Important To Us

At Ceramcor, our deepest desire was to create safe cookware. We wanted to come up with the healthiest products on the planet! We care about you and about our environment, and we longed to find an alternative to metal cookware and PFOA-coated non-stick cookware. Xtrema’s safe cookware is a ceramic product that is 100% green, environmentally safe, and non-toxic.

How Xtrema’s Safe Cookware Is Made

All of Xtrema’s fine products are made with natural materials – the earth’s minerals and water. Then highly skilled artisans carefully handcraft each piece. We use only clean-burning natural gas- fired kilns. It takes 22 days to complete one piece of our safe cookware. Our packaging is even eco-friendly; it’s 90% cardboard, which means it’s recyclable.

How Metal Cookware Is Made

Unlike Xtrema’s safe cookware, metal cookware requires massive amounts of fossil fuels and is very toxic to the environment. It is also toxic to your body and can wreak havoc on your immune system.

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