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Is Ceramic Cookware Safe?

At Xtrema, we realize consumers are tired of wasting their money on cookware that doesn’t last or is discovered to have harmful side effects. That’s why we’ve painstakingly produced a ceramic cookware safe product that is not only green and environmentally friendly, it is also scientifically proven to be non-toxic and 100% natural.

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Unlike metal cookware and its coatings, which can scratch, peel or flake off into foods, Xtrema ceramic cookware safe products are non-scratch (even by cleaning abrasives and industrial steel wool) and non-toxic due to their ceramic glazed surfaces.

So, when you ask, "Is ceramic cookware safe?" we say "Yes" and we even guarantee it with a 10-year performance warranty!

How Is Ceramic Cookware Safe and Environmentally Friendly?

Just because popular materials like stainless steel, cast iron and glass may be recyclable; it doesn’t mean they are environmentally friendly like Xtrema ceramic cookware safe products. Before you buy, consider the following:

  • Surface coal & iron strip mines extract the materials needed to make steel, and result in deforestation and the contamination of soil & water.
  • Coal is fed into a coke oven, cooked & then cooled with water, resulting in large amounts of polluted water.
  • In a blast furnace, coke, iron, heated air and limestone are fed through the top of the furnace as air is blown into the bottom, which yields molten iron, slag and toxic gases.
  • Coke and molten iron production also release harmful substances like sulfurous gas, nitrogen oxide and large amounts of carbon dioxide.

All of our ceramic cookware safe products are handmade using 100% natural, inorganic non- reactive minerals that are eco-friendly. When you ask, “Is ceramic cookware safe?” simply consider that natural gas, clay and water is all that goes into the manufacturing process. Our ceramic material is 100% non-toxic with a non-scratch surface that contains no harmful PFOA coating and produces no harmful PFOA gas.

Safe Ceramic Cookware From Ceramcor

Ceramcor is committed to making safe ceramic cookware for you and for your family. Since the inception of our company in 2007 we’ve been determined to create the most innovative and healthiest cookware in the world. Ceramic cookware safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our ceramic product is 100% green, non-toxic, and safe for the environment.

Safe Ceramic Cookware Is Healthy

Metal cookware poses many health threats to your body due to leaching. Numerous metals, including nickel, lead, aluminum, copper, iron, and others react with your food and find their way into your body where they can cause problems. Xtrema products by Ceramcor are made of the earth’s natural minerals and water – that’s all! Our safe ceramic cookware contains no toxic metals. It’s 100% natural – 100% safe!

Safe Ceramic Cookware Is Earth Friendly

At Ceramcor we define a green product as being non-toxic, ecologically sound, environmentally friendly, free of heavy metals, and ozone friendly. Those are pretty stiff requirements and our cookware meets every one of them. Ceramic cookware safety is becoming important to consumers as they learn how and why products are made and why they are beneficial to themselves and the earth.

Safe Ceramic Cookware Is Practical

Xtrema cookware can go anywhere. You can take it out of your oven or off your stovetop and put it on your dining room table. It can go in the broiler, microwave, freezer and dishwasher or on the barbecue grill. Our safe ceramic cookware even has extra-wide carry handles to assist you in transporting it from place to place. Even industrial strength steel wool won’t scratch the cooking surface of our pots and pans.

Safe Ceramic Cookware Is Worth More

Our unique ceramic material is costly and the manufacturing process quite detailed for our Xtrema products, but the end result is worth every penny! Skilled artisans work 22 days to finish each and every piece of Xtrema cookware. Our consumers do get what they deserve – non-toxic, safe and healthy cookware!

Safe Ceramic Cookware Looks Great

No matter how safe, earth-friendly or practical a cookware set is, if it doesn’t look great, you won’t love it! But we made sure that it does! Ceramic cookware safety is a must, but ceramic cookware beauty is also a must. Our cookware has a sleek, upscale, classic look – a glossy black ceramic finish – perfect for the modern kitchen and for entertaining. You’ll be proud to serve your favorite guests with our cookware. Bon appetite!

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