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Chemical Free Cookware

It doesn’t make sense for people to go out of their way to buy organic foods, use “green” products, avoid harsh chemical cleaners and keep toxic chemicals out of their homes, gardens and workplaces and then cook their food on chemically enhanced cookware.

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They have been doing so, however, for nearly 70 years.

PFOA non-stick has been in use since about 1940, and it has been improved over the years, so that it flakes off into food far less than it used to. Still, it is a chemical compound consisting of perfluorooctanic acid that, at high temperatures, releases many toxic gases into the air. These temperatures are easily attained during normal cooking and are virtually assured in instances when the cook leaves the pot or pan unattended due to a lapse in attention – and we are all vulnerable to those!

The Safety of Chemical Free Cookware

Chemical free cookware is a much safer alternative. Xtrema ceramic cookware from Ceramcor is chemical free!

Xtrema cookware is made from all-natural ceramic materials, which means it releases no harmful chemicals into the atmosphere regardless of temperature. Even in self-cleaning ovens, which can heat a piece of cookware left inside to more than 1,000 degrees, Xtrema ceramic chemical free cookware will release no chemical gases of any kind.

The ceramic-glazed surface of Xtrema cookware also is hard enough to guarantee that no damage is done to the surface of the cookware, either through heating of the cookware or through contact from abrasive cleaning.

Chemical free cookware also assures you that your food will contain no harmful chemical particles.

Xtrema The Green Alternative

Xtrema also is greener. The production of chemically-treated, non-stick cookware can release harmful toxins into the environment. While these emissions have been reduced through the years, the manufacture of synthetic chemicals will always have its chemical by-products.

There are no harmful by-products in Xtrema ceramic chemical free cookware!

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