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Ovenex Ceramic Mugs

Blue Teaware

Our Ovenex ceramic mugs are made to last, both in durability and design. These brilliant ceramic mugs are a must-have in your house if you enjoy the occasional cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even hot apple cider. The mugs are handcrafted and made materials with high-temperature ceramic to keep both your beverage hot and your hands warm during those colder winter nights. Made from all natural materials, your Ovenex ceramic mug is 100% GREEN and ECO friendly.

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The Ovenex Ceramic Mug Advantage

No matter what your hot beverage of choice is, the Ovenex ceramic mug advantage won’t let you down when it comes time to sit down and enjoy a cup of that steaming delight. Our Ovenex ceramic mugs have been designed and crafted to ensure superior heat retention. Now your drink will remain hotter for longer — even if you might not be able to get to drinking it right away.

Since our ceramic mugs are made with 100% all natural materials, they are dishwasher safe and bacteria resistant, which makes cleanup a breeze. This means your ceramic mug will not stain or retain tastes or odors from one beverage to the next. Each ceramic mug by Ovenex has a ceramic glaze, which produces a smooth, non-scratch surface for simple cleanup, whether in the sink or dishwasher.

The inspired design that brings you quick and simple cleanup also allows for safe microwave use. This means you can make your hot chocolate or warm up your hot apple cider in the microwave without ever turning on your stove and dirtying more dishes — or wasting more energy.

Ceramic Mugs With Function & Personality

There are several things that we believe make for the perfect ceramic mug. First, it has to be able to keep your beverage hot — after all isn’t that the whole point of a mug? Next, it needs to be durable enough to last through years of light or heavy use. Whether you are an occasional coffee drinker or a dedicated tea connoisseur, your favorite ceramic mugs need to last longer than a season or two. Lastly, a mug needs to be made of natural materials that will not harm the earth during production.

Our Ovenex ceramic mugs match each of these essential points to provide you with the perfect mug. As if all of that weren’t enough to convince you that these ceramic mugs are the best on the market, they are also functional, versatile, compact and stylish.

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Whether you need your coffee to get started in the morning or you brew a pot of tea at night to relax, having a set of Ovenex ceramic mugs on hand will ensure you always have exactly what you need when it comes time to enjoy your piping hot beverage. And if coffee and tea just aren’t for you, don’t forget your ceramic mug can be used for hot chocolate, hot apple cider, microwave mug cakes or even cold beverages, too. Don’t miss out on everything these Ovenex ceramic mugs have to offer. Order your set today!

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