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Xtrema Ceramic Teapot Sets Make For an Enjoyable Experience

Xtrema ceramic teapots sets are both elegant and stylish in design and are suitable for any modern day kitchen décor. Made from ultra durable, all natural materials, your Xtrema ceramic teapot will look brand new, year after year. Xtrema is the perfect welcome serving and entertaining set for all occasions.

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Whether you are enjoying the peace and serenity that comes with a cup of tea or entertaining guests, our ceramic teapot retains heat longer, for a longer-lasting, more enjoyable experience. You’ll love our ceramic teapot sets that include porcelain mugs and tea mug infusers.

Trust the Xtrema Ceramic Teapot Set Advantage

Whether you’re making iced tea or steeping tealeaves, you can’t go wrong with Xtrema ceramic teapots. If the ceramic teapot accidentally boils dry, you don’t have to worry about cracking, chipping or melting. As the Xtrema name suggests, our ceramic teapots can withstand extreme temperatures.

Unlike many metal, porcelain or unglazed teapots, our ceramic teapot sets are dishwasher safe and bacteria resistant, so the ceramic teapot will not stain or carry over tastes and odors from one pot of tea to the next. Coated with our unique ceramic glaze the non-scratch, non-stick surface makes clean-up quick and simple. Xtrema is unmatched in both performance and safety.

It’s More Than A Ceramic Teapot

At Xtrema, we take the environment seriously, which is why all of our ceramic teapot sets are made of 100% natural, inorganic minerals that are eco-friendly. Our ceramic material is 100% non-toxic. The non-scratch surface contains no harmful PFOA coating and produces no harmful PFOA gas. When boiling water, metal teapots can release heavy metals or toxins that are known to cause health problems. A ceramic teapot is an eco friendly choice for you and the planet.

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