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Ceramic Tea Pots - Experience the Difference

What advantages do ceramic tea pots have over those made of porcelain or metal? For one thing, using ceramics in tea pots keeps your tea the perfect temperature for a longer period of time. You can enjoy a quiet early morning on the front porch with a pot of tea without having to run back in the house to warm up the pot.

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Using Ceramics in Tea Pots Increases Safety

We manufacture our ceramic tea pots using 100% clean, natural gas firing kilns that don't harm the environment. Unlike pots made of other materials, ceramic tea pots don’t give off harmful odors or leach chemicals during the brewing process. Plus, our tea pots are stain-resistant, so unwanted tastes don’t creep into your tea. Using ceramics in tea pots is an eco friendly choice for the planet, as well as the tea drinkers in your household.

Xtrema can tolerate heat better than other materials. The melting point of a Xtrema is higher than that of metal, so there’s less danger of a household fire from accidently leaving your tea potle on the stove too long.

Xtrema Ceramic Tea Pots Won’t Scratch

Have you ever noticed how easily metal and porcelain tea pots can get scratched? The beauty of using ceramics in our Xtrema tea pots is that they won’t ever scratch, not even with the most abrasive steel wool or the sharpest utensils. This means our tea pots won’t peel or flake into your tea.

Great Tea and Great Looks, Too

And speaking of beauty, you’ll love the way Xtrema ceramic tea pots look in your home. The glossy black finish will complement virtually any style of home décor, and it’s sure to get rave reviews from all your guests.

No Harmful Bacteria

How important is the safety of the food and drink you and your family consume everyday? Our ceramic material effectively prevents the formation of bacteria, which is a danger often found in kitchens. Made of 100% natural materials, the Xtrema coating is environmentally safe for your family. Safeguard the ones you love by giving them eco friendly ceramic tea pots from Xtrema.

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