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Xtrema Ceramic Tea Sets: The Healthier Choice

Xtrema ceramic tea sets provide you with a healthier, more eco friendly alternative to metal tea sets. That’s because ceramic tea sets don’t emit toxic metals and gaseous odors or leach toxic chemicals, no matter how hot the temperature gets while making your tea. And since there’s no melting or peeling you’ll never find unhealthy metal flakes floating in your tea. Plus, the ceramic surface is bacteria resistant, so it’s healthier for all the tea drinkers in your home.

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Ceramic Teaware Means Maximum Durability

Ceramic teaware won’t scratch, even from sharp metal utensils or steel wool. Ceramcor is so confident about Xtrema’s durability that they’ll replace your ceramic teaware at no cost to you if it ever breaks due to extreme heat or cold. And this warranty isn’t just good for one or two years; you’re covered for 10 years from the date of purchase.

A Choice of Two Sets

With Xtrema, you have the choice of two ceramic tea sets. Our 3-piece retro set comes with a 20 oz. tea potle, 15 oz. porcelain mug and tea infuser, so it’s just right for those quiet, peaceful moments alone. The 9-peice ceramic teaware set includes a 2-quart tea potle, four 15 oz. porcelain mugs, three mug infusers and a tea potle infuser, so it’s perfect for small gatherings.

Enjoy Hot Tea Longer

The water stays hot longer, because ceramic teaware retains heat longer than its metal counterparts. You won’t have to interrupt a pleasant conversation with a friend to reheat your tea potle.

Xtrema Ceramic Tea Sets Look Great

Xtrema ceramic tea sets will look great in your home. The retro design matches any décor, and the black high-gloss finish is understated yet elegant. You’ll be proud to have one of our ceramic tea sets resting on your kitchen or coffee table.

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